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  • With the Angel and demon cosmetic skins being a thing, does this indicate anything for the player lore wise?
    With the game being very heavy with the gods- would players during their progression gain some level of divinity of their own? Not necessarily god level but like becoming like angels/demons/demi gods.

    Basically I am asking where do you see the player in this game and any indication on their future potential lore wise?
  • What does the economy look like in AoC?
    -Is it player driven
    -What type of currencies are planned (do they have a lore aspect or just generic Gold/Silver)
    -Are there systems in place to combat bot farming, & RMT (Real Money Trading)
    -How does the node system interact with the economy
    -Will there be a centralized market or system to zap items/gear cross the entire server... or will travel/caravans be necessary to send items to sell
    -Will there be any auction type systems
  • I have never in my life anticipated something as bad as this game. Do you have any suggestions on how to cope or get a mini fix of AoC, because the game is not even out yet and it has already ruined all other video games for me?
  • captivatedcaptivated Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How are you gonna plan to establish big characters and story arcs in a ever-changing and node-driven gameworld?
  • WoarWoar Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    edited March 2022
    With character ceration being on the forefront lately. When will we learn more about the Tulnar, the Underworld, and the dark side of Verra?
  • Will Ashes have sync dancing?

    e.g blue protocol


    (I hear GW1 had it as well)

    Thank you in advance.
  • Can we get some simpler cosmetics? all the stuff so far is to fancy to be warren in the woods hunting monsters or smelting iron in a forge.
  • FrameenFrameen Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In the taming profession, once a creature is tamed will an item corresponding to the creature pop into your inventory, or will there actually be a physical creature on a lead following behind you? I am just imagining how cool it would be to walk through the gates of your home node with a legendary tamed mount trailing behind you, for all in the town to gaze upon!
  • How are you going to prevent situation when most of players on server live in one node, instead of settle different zones of the map?
  • We all understand that game dev is not the easiest thing and you can't tell us dates of the alpha 2 yet. But maybe you can show us some "progress bar" with different areas of development and update it accordingly to finished parts? I mean it would be nice to see at least how much of work have you guys done
  • I might be jumping the gun a bit, but do you guys have any timeline of when alpha 2 might be? :smile: And a random question, what will set this mmo apart from the rest and what will happen after the initial hype of the game? (2 part question) ha
  • Also was curious if there will be a creator program at all so that we can use Ashes of Creation animations in our streams! Thank you!
  • my question is will you guys ever think of adding in a full Loot Drop PVP zone even a small part of the map like the wilderness in Runescape or is that something that you won't be doing or have no plans to? not a mandatory zone but possible loot and adventure to be gained for the super risk-taking players.
  • ELRYNOELRYNO Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    It has been mentioned previously that balancing within Ashes of Creation will not be based around 1v1 combat. With this being said, the con of entering into a PVP zone is that you could quite possibly lose valuable items should you die within these zones. Will balance in 1v1 settings be atleast balanced well enough so as to not discourage certain classes from venturing into dangerous areas or will certain classes simply have to find a group of players prior to engaging with the game? I know that if I was playing a class that felt underwhelming in 1v1's that I would be disheartened from PVP due to fear of being destroyed by classes that in a 1v1 setting are too strong and therefore setting my hard work back when I lose valuables due to balance that is out of my control.
  • Can we have more information on the Bard class please.
  • Are some gatherable resources simply not available at all in certain regions of the world? For example woodcutters looking for a specific tree or farmers trying to plant specific crops?
  • SirChancelotSirChancelot Member
    edited March 2022
    Not expecting an answer on this yet, but can we have any new information on the summoner class?
  • BirthdayBirthday Member
    edited March 2022
    "Steven plans for Ashes to not have numerical values on health bars." I heard this on the forums.
    Is this true and if so then what does this mean for Ashes. How will it look?
    how will it feel?
    What will be the cues for health & mana if we don't have numbers?
    Why do you prefer this design path as opposed to the numerical path - pros and cons?
    Can you think of a way this relates to the game having no DPS meter and of ways this relates to the game if it has a DPS meter?
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited March 2022
    will crafting have a learning curve? for instance if you decide to become a boat builder, will your first few boats sink a lot easier than your next few boats? Will your first dagger look more like a butter knife?
  • keyframekeyframe Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    edited March 2022
    From what we know so far about Classes, the outcome of choosing your second archetype only seems to be adding flavor to the abilities you already have via the augment system. This is honestly a little troubling, as expectations when hearing the word class don't seem to fit what Ashes has revealed so far. Especially so since learning that secondary architypes will not allow role changing (dps to healing), as the current info about classes seems to go against the, bring the player not the class ideology Ashes has talked about in the past. With that in mind would you mind giving us a bit more insight about how classes will actually feel like a new class, and not just the base archetype with a talent system?

    Community team:
    I know this probably won't be picked for the livestream, as it touches upon mechanics currently being talked about. However I think it's important to talk about this now while the dev team is just starting to implement ideas, as I think there's a big gap in understanding the current design between what players are thinking about and what the dev team is envisioning. So even if this doesn't get onto the stream, if we could find a way to talk about it I think it would be for the best for Ashes as a whole.
  • meedxmeedx Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 2022
    With alpha 2 upcoming how will you decide who will participate in the eventual player council to provide feedback?
    Hopefully they will need to be more qualified than just being a streamer or an internet personality.
  • YeOldeSmithYeOldeSmith Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Steven do you like 5e or 4 for DnD? Asking for a friend.
    Something need doing?

  • GarrenGarren Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Does the Taming Gathering profession allow you to ride "untrained" mounts or not at all?
  • Will the Bard Class have interchangeable themes available for their abilities?
    Theme examples would be; A seaside theme with Sea Shanties, a theme for the upper class with a more classical style, or dwarven mountain theme with drinking songs.
  • Hi this is my first question and i can't wait for ashes of creation to come out i was wondering will there be dungeons/raids implemented that specific to solo or group content or will the dungeons just scale in difficulty depending on the number of players? Thank You!
  • GizmowGizmow Member
    edited March 2022
    In terms of complexity in an MMO, there are many directions a game can go. A game can have many bad and overbearing systems, or too few good and beneficial systems. A player can feel overwhelmed if there is too much too fast, or things can get repetitive too soon. An overly or unnecessarily complex crafting system can be just as bad as a simple boring one. How does Ashes PLAN to balance complexity, immersion, and simplicity, along with, how rewarding crafting and the other core or optional game systems are AND how they mesh together?
  • xVexXxVexX Member
    With the caravan system, within the node will people be able to see the caravan being prepped/loaded to give other players notice that there will be a caravan to raid. Just thinking It could increase the frequency/size of battles as people will be running back to their guilds to inform them of a massive caravan to raid.
  • xR1kuxR1ku Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Steven has said in the past balancing will be based on an 8 person team. How will this affect balancing towards individual classes and skills that need tuning? (Specifically if numbers show people are switching to "more busted classes")
  • I know dungeon and raid content is suppost to be 20% instanced and 80% open world, and that the instanced will have story content, but will the instanced content still drop gear and loot, and have difficulty?
  • PanthuXDPanthuXD Member, Intrepid Pack
    How in-depth is fishing going to be, for example; will the seasons have an effect on the type of fish available etc.
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