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Node Aesthetics In Odd Climates

Hello! I'm new to the forums of Ashes of Creation and recently had more time to look into how the game has come along. Long story short, it's looking fantastic! Though it's clear that it has a long way to go still. I personally have an invested interest in how immersive this game seems to be, going so far as to making capital sized cities based on the hard work and time put into the node and more interestingly, the race/subrace that contributed the most.
Upon hearing about the Niküa, I was instantly intrigued by the thought of an exotic Polynesian themed dwarf race! But it also got me to thinking, that with buildings so incredibly rooted in tropical climates, how will that look if a bunch of Niküa dwarves set up a node in the cold mountains? Is that even possible? Will the architecture be noticeably different from a beach node? If so, would they suddenly have a slightly more Norse aesthetic with heavy pelts and huge hearths/fires? Are certain subraces heavily discouraged from building nodes in adverse climates because maybe the materials needed to progress are more commonly found in more suitable climates? It's all curious to me! I apologize if these questions were asked before and answered at nauseum, but from what I can understand the Niküa can make nodes in adverse climates, which is fine! Just it may look kinda weird having bamboo and palm thatched roofing in the snowy tundra and deserts.
There are other questions as well, like if there are any plans for every subrace node feels distinctively different, like Niküa leaning heavily on maritime commerce/travel but lack many defensive fortifications, or the Py'rai (and their structures) growing stronger and weaker depending on the seasons. Would be so cool if their structures could "regenerate" slowly in spring/summer, no materials needed to repair.
But I digress, for now I'm mostly just curious if there was any plan on Nodes being aesthetically different for every subrace to reflect their immediate biomes. Sorry for the long rant, I'm just really excited to see where this will go!


  • CawwCaww Member
    edited March 2022
    the wiki has about as much as we know

    I think they are working to ensure there aren't any egregious mismatches, like my personal favorite, an igloo in the desert...
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    edited March 2022
    Caww wrote: »
    the wiki has about as much as we know

    I think they are working to ensure there aren't any egregious mismatches, like my personal favorite, an igloo in the desert...

    Well said! ^_^
    The wiki has a lot of very interesting and relevant information! I highly recommend going and parsing through it @NodeStone :)

    Also, welcome to the forums and the glorious Ashes of Creation community!
  • CROW3CROW3 Member
    I’m still stuck on ‘odd climates’. It’s raining GNOMES! Take cover!!
  • Lark WyllLark Wyll Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 2022
    My take from the wiki is that any race's architecture can be in any biome as long as it's the most dominant of a node that advances a stage.

    The other aspect that is going to be odd is player housing structures throughout a node that are potential eye sores to the landscape they're placed in with the various skins. I'm curious to see if they go instanced or stick with them being viewable by all other players.

  • VeeshanVeeshan Member
    edited March 2022
    enviromental effects such as heavy mist which hide all name plate unless ur super close would be interesting would have to go by visuals in the mist rather than big floating name plate, could be interesting pve and pvp scenario when you might get ambushed by mobs or players :P or even run into the mist to try and escape somone chasing you
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