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Hello, I rarely post on forums but I was so impressed by the recent character creation demonstration I’ve become invested. From the aforementioned system and the UE5 world preview it really looks like it will be a very immersive world and hopefully will be up to this standard too. However I’m always very curious to know what emphasis is placed on idle time and community systems. As with all games the core game is eventually/momentarily exhausted either personally or in the games progression and the real longevity for me then is being able to stay in the world in a non competitive environment with friends you have made along the way. I’m not specifically referring to role play or “side games” but communal areas and community events. Will be very interested to hear your thoughts on such systems in AOC. Cheers


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    even tho i would like to see some semi afk activities to not get overburn, i doubt that game will have them
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    To clarify I don't really mean idle time, I mean non story prog or completionism content such as collecting or killing mobs. In my mind I'm thinking of a feast hall with something like a weekly event inside the hall with a grand feast a music for players ot attend and socialise. And to correct myself further I think side games would be fantastic (as supposed to completionism content), like an old style olympics contating archery, the cabar etc or betting on creature races.
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    That would be a wonderful tradition for the mayor of a node to start - weekly feasts and competitions!
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    Yes I like the idea of reinforcing the faction based structure with something like that but maybe a separate neutral zone which caters for things like this cross faction would be better, allowing people to socialise across factions and remove any complexities of incorporating something like that into what I imagine is an already complicated node development system. Kind of like a high fantasy Las Vegas, you got to visit for socialising, gambling, games and parties, then go home :).
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    I'm moving this thread to General Discussion.

    You might want to check out this link:
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