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Node structure and location diversity

I get that depending on which race and sub-race mainly occupies the node changes the architecture, design, and culture of said node, but does the location change how the node is set up.

like for example, a kaelar city in the plains and a kaelar city on a mountain. They have the same architecture, but do they have the same infrastructure like street routes, bridges, and town squares, in all the same positions?


  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hmm. This is a really great thought. Perhaps there is some sort of 'table' that biases the props and details of a city by biome. Like fish drying racks won't really be present in nodes that don't have a main body of water nearby. Perhaps the produce and food can vary in props by biome as well.

    A lot of these props don't even need to be racially specific. However we know they are going to make a lot of racially themed furniture available for our own interior decorating. Perhaps there are ways to use work from that to blend over to existing node props a little such as traditional carving patterns in wood and stone that effect the over all texture of a building or prop, and some of these props/buildings are just less common in certain biomes. Maybe there are even area bonuses for certain crafts that make certain materials more plentiful in those biomes than others that would therefore bias a Mayor to construct those particular crafting buildings more often and therefore they are a little more tilted in their architecture towards that sort of biome? Interesting topic.
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