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Other implementations of the Character Creator Tool - Statue Sculpting?

AidanKDAidanKD Member
edited April 2022 in General Discussion
Hi All! Since the stream announced that the character creator tool would have other uses, i.e. freehold staff (servants? Do we pay them??) - Animal Husbandry and I believe they teased that there is another place for it as well. It got me thinking, what if we could have statues which have pre-set "poses" - however we essentially create the character we want the statue to form.

I think it would be cool to have a statue to display in your freehold - and better yet you could be a bit more Vain and have a statue of yourself - or perhaps a hero of your Node!

I was also thinking about how you might perhaps get "templates" for certain NPC characters that you may want to immortalise in the stone - and perhaps there could be a way to get "blueprints" of sorts for certain characters.

I think that due to importing and exporting of strings and people being able to essentially share these strings for presets - the NPC statues should have something which they have which isn't included for characters made in the character creator to serve as an incentive to get the in-game achievable variants - and not just take an import.

Can you guys think of any ways that Intrepid could use the Character Creator system in other areas in game?

Edit: I don't see this as being a life skill - it would be more like a service which can be in nodes of certain levels i.e. visit your nearest stone mason - who can be found in all nodes lv 4 or higher.


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    MoonlupMoonlup Member
    edited April 2022
    Creating statues of notable players/npcs in the cities/freeholds would be really cool. Especially if we can write a plaque describing their deeds.

    I can imagine a heroic player being rewarded with a statue and ceremony by a guild for putting lots of resources towards the development of the city, or maybe a tyrannical leader planting a menacing likeness of themselves to watch over the town.

    Has a lot of RP potential and also gives history and context to ingame locations. (Would be fun smashing them when we siege cities too )
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    The statue idea would be great for Node Mayors to use as well when using taxes to construct monuments.
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    I love this statue idea. I love the idea for use in a guild setting and just fun casual RP settings. I am not really a RP player but this sounds like a great addition. Even if not added at launch maybe something added down the line?
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    Happymeal2415Happymeal2415 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    This is a cool idea. If not for release then in the future
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    This is a cool idea. If not for release then in the future

    Yeah it's definitely not a priority by any means but if the tech is there than hopefully not a massive piece of work on part of the devs to have at it :)
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    CawwCaww Member
    Custom practice dummies might be a popular use, if they are a thing in AoC.
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