April 2022 Livestream Suggestions

Hello everyone, Vlhadus here. Myself like a lot of you loved the character creator they showed off in the March livestream. So what now? I am going to speak for myself personally on this. Intrepid, I understand why you show us Art. I do and I love the Art team for the game! You guys have been crushing every aspect of the art when it comes to mounts, landscapes, races, etc. Can we please have a livestream where you can showcase something other than art?

Like the updated form of combat would be great to see. Steven did mention this in the Feburarys livestream and I know the team is hard at work on A2 so I know they want to show things at the best it can possibly be but now that the races are mostly all shown (except the Tulnar), what can we see that worth seeing art wise? Let's also say for a second that the alpha 2 doesn't come out til Jan. 2023. In Dec. Livestream you announce the A2 in Jan., that means for the next 8 months we are expected to just see art cause you don't want to spoil anything? I really appreciated the semi-deep dive in the animal husbandry system but we didn't see anything of it in-game. Maybe its not ready which I totally understand but what kind of middle ground can we both meet at.

April suggestions:
-class update for any one class
-religion (deep dive into just one of them)
-caravan system update
-Node progression (maybe what a tier 6 node looks like)
-update on military, divine, economic or scientific node
-guild talent system
** I'm sure there is more I could think but you get the idea

From a content creator stand point, I have nothing to really give as far as videos for you guys. Speculation videos and theory videos is something the community doesn't really want to see. As time goes on, it will get worse if we have nothing to show. As a viewer, I'll just tune out for months until something meaningful is said or announced. Is that what you want viewers to do? I don't know and I don't want to sound mean about it. I just want to know the teams thinking when it comes to what you guys want to show us.

I believe in your vision for the game and am very excited for A2 like everyone else. Keep up the great work Intrepid... you guys are doing such a great job!

-Vlhadus Gaming
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