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New Content Creator Wanting to Partner with Ashes of creation!

sl3ndersl3nder Member
edited April 2022 in Support & FAQ
Hey everyone. This game looks so freaking fantastic and has so much hype right now! I really wanna get in while the gettin in is hot. How do i contact someone who can point me in the right direction. I purchjased a wayfarers pack for beta 2 but would absolutely love to get in earlier if possible. What do you need from me. GG everyone! cant wait for this game. omg....




  • sorry for the typo, where the heck is the edit button. im a noob

  • SomethingWittySomethingWitty Member, Staff, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Greetings sl3nder!!

    We do have a content creator program that we are currently working to develop. As such, we are accepting applications and will soon start to reach out to those applicants with more information. Check out our FAQ for more details.

    Content Creator Program
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