User Submitted In-Game Artwork for Player Housing & Tattoos/Body Art

While going over the new Character Creation tool during the March 2022 livestream, Steven talked about the potential for User Generated artwork and tattoos. He mentioned the difficulties that go along with moderating such content, but would definitely would like to see something like it in the game.

One potential solution I have would be a web portal for artists to submit art for review and distribution in the cosmetics store for free or on consignment. Highlighted selections could be released/rotated once per month and there could even be a popular vote on the forums held to help determine the new offerings every rotation.

Also art, tattoos, or even character skins of favorite content creators and more could also be released via Twitch drops as well. I love that the in-game store will only be a cosmetic and RP based marketplace, so having a section dedicated to user generated content could be a great way to maintain excitement and also a potential place for countless artists to feature their work. Special features on consignment would also give artists heavy incentive to create some truly masterful works to be used in-game.
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