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Py'rai character art

The last few dev streams really captured my imagination with Py'rai designs. Especially the branchlers sdhjhds and the possibility(?) of them blooming in different seasons/climats?? Peak character design!!

So naturally I had to try my hand at making a Py'rai elf myself with some fancy wood/bark armor. She doesn't have a name yet (I don't believe we got any naming conventions yet? if im incorrect please link me!) but I can see her being some serious guard or hunter with bow and or double swords. Shes also very tall :p


  • Great job <3
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    I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.
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  • RiesseneRiessene Member
    Great job <3

    Thank youu!!<3
  • I really like the wooden armor!
    And now you go and have yourself a great day!
  • RiesseneRiessene Member
    I really like the wooden armor!

    me too!! I hope there will be a few natural looking armors for py'rai with bark, branches, leaves and flowers in them
  • RiesseneRiessene Member
    Really liked the updates to py'rai models so another art of this lady (F to art style consistency)
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