Pre order Pricing comparison?

this Discussion will be base off the highest level pre order pack of $375. Now after doing the math as well as a little research and speculation, i find the 375 maybe not worth it and here why.
First, the 9 months game time is equal out to the price it would cost if you were to just wait till the game drop, since the subscription will cost 14.99 depending on your location. So when you do the math it just even out.
Second this is where the speculation come in but $125 for ember where we dont really have a price tag for store cosmetics as well as the pricing of embers yet so even if we say it even out were at $260 out of the $375 that leaving us with $115 out of this number.
Thirdly we have the cosmetic that will not ever be release again, this one is a little tough to answer but if your into wanting exclusive items there a little lacking but, after much diffculty i was able to figure out if we dont count a pricing for the test keys (which are usually not cause there the Devolopers way of saying yah thanks for the support and here a way to test the game early!!!!) the Cosmetics come out to roughly $20 a piece how do i figure this well go to the $150 and you will see that you only receive 2 cosmetics as well as a even out of Embers and Subscription time. So if we try to even it out those 2 cosmetic come out to $20 a piece. So to continue on there are roughly 6 items that you get that equals out to $120 plus a name reservation ehhh meh.
So after doing all these number you come out to being $5 dollars over the $375 price tag honestly am not sure how to rate this preorder items i mean there not really any incentives outside of being able to play a Test phase with no title letting people know you where a Backer, preorder, Alpha player or Beta player at all, So the keys are kind of useless for you outside anything but testing. After that the only thing that not able to be price currently are Embers due to the fact we wont know the official pricing of Cosmetics till it release. After that you have a even out on Subscription time there really no incentive there. So moving on form that the cosmetics at roughly $ 20 cant really be measure cause of the ember issue but again will see. After all that well for those that readed though it all thank you if you have anything that you believe that i miss on this comparison please bring it up in the comment below and let me know so i can figure out what needs to be done figure out the new math. Despite this though am Looking forward to the game and i appreciate a Like and follow on my Twitch Channel NoctGamingHD as well as a Subscribe to my YT of NoctGamingHD i Do plan to do content for this game as well as other Gaming reviews. The Night is Full of Wonders So enjoy!!!
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    NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    You're not far off with your assumption of $20 per cosmetic.

    Since we are able to buy them individually, we have an actual price for them. The Feykin's Affection is $5, the Rootling is $15 and the rest are all $25.

    The aspect of these packs that you are missing is the support for Intrepid. They are, after all, supporter packs. If you do not wish to support Intrepid just now, Intrepid are fine with that.
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    As @Noaani said, these are supporter packs. Made for people passionate about the game and passionate about truly testing it. Rather than just an "early access" feature.

    The exclusive cosmetics are just a little sugar in my opinion, but you're definitely not far off with your guestimate of 20$

    Each cosmetic has an individual $ value.

    Accessories are $5
    Pet skins are $15
    Mount skins are $20
    Costumes, caravans/ship and the freehold skins are $25

    When you buy a pack you can see these in future cosmetic offerings like so.


    I'd also assume the ember price when converted from the dollar amount when the store becomes live on release will be similar. As you can also buy embers and they're currently priced accordingly: 0c9jcwa3sxne.jpg

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    CawwCaww Member
    There is some good value in the Alpha 2 game play which will stretch for months despite being a testing platform. Most hobbies or interests don't make financial sense anyway.
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    Well, of course it's not "worth it". All that money for digital images, and to test someone else's game and then to have that testing content mean nothing on go-live.

    But, we do it for a better game in the long-term. So, while it's not financially worth it, we're hoping that it pays off eventually.
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    truelyyytruelyyy Member, Alpha One
    edited April 2022
    weird thread, the whole point of the packs is to support the project not to get maximum value. Max value is just pay for sub on release.
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    thank you all for the Feed back especially @Hailee as i havent bought a pack since i miss the Red death looking one forgot the name i havent pick one up just hoping to see another pack in the future am looking forward to, but as @truely said am looking at it form a max value Point of view, but as a supporter View it worth it.
    The Night is Full of Wonder's!
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