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[NA] Exmortis | CDT | PvX | Fun Focus | Horror fans most welcome

yaboislumpyyaboislumpy Member
edited April 2022 in NA Guild Recruitment
What's up guys, gals, and others. If you recognize the name and icon you're a real one and are already cool in my book. Pretty much looking for like minded people with similar interests to interact and enjoy the game with. If you're a fan of the horror genre, crime/unsolved mysteries, creepy pasta's, S.C.P.'s, mysticism, conspiracies, the supernatural, the occult and all things unsettling (edgy, I know) then we'd love to have you.

I'm sure many/most/all of you will be gainfully employed and I expect no one to treat the game like a 2nd job. I'm not expecting a resume from you of past MMO experience like some guilds out there. All I ask is be drama and prejudice free and willing to make friends. Our goals are all encompassing and will be to make the most out of what AoC has to offer.

The discord is a work in progress but will suffice for now and will be updated frequently and expanded upon shortly, no hate or bigotry will be tolerated.

All walks, genders, creeds welcome. Join the dead.

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