Denizens of Vera - What are your favorites?

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With the recent post showing the panther with the extendable spindly barbed stingers, I was wondering if there were going to be any true monsters that inhabit Vera? I'm sure there are, well, hopefully there will be, and I do know that Steven and the team are keeping some things under wraps till launch. BUT, I've only seen a few true fantasy tropes, the trolls, the bird men, goblins, the eight legged spider thing, etc. Surely there are some true monsters in the world as well....right? Not just raid boss types. Altering the basic animal kingdom is fine and all and should be done, but we are in a Fantasy world correct? Many a millennia has passed as well with corruption spread across the planet right?
What are some of your favorite monsters you've come across while playing an MMO or TTRPG?
Here are a few from my own published ttrpg that coincides with the topic mentioned.


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    Awesome, definitely want to see non raid boss unique monsters as well, im sure IS always appreciates creative input like this.
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