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Argent - OCE / SEA - PvX

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Australian based OCE / SEA exclusive multi-gaming community.

As local servers are confirmed we will be more PvP orientated but will dabble in everything, we will have dedicated crafters and raiders. Our aim will be to hang around a Divine / Military Metropolis and owning a castle


Timezone: +10GMT
Location: OCE / SEA
Age: No age requirements but chat does enter some strange zones.
Language: British English 
Comms: Discord / IRC

You can currently find us in the following games. 
  • Warframe
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Secret World Legends
  • Destiny 2
  • Kritika
  • Haven and Hearth 
    + many more.

Contact me here, PM me in Discord Pelum#1337 or on the server in link below.

Join the OCE / SEA Ashes Community Discord via the link below.


  • I'm am a Kiwi In Aus :)

    Looking to play NA/OCE as a good (as in not evil) player.
    My evil persona can play on the EU :)

    See how we go.
  • Give me a yell in discord
  • Aussie, Queenslander looking to play on OCE servers, or NA if they're not available. Tank main :) Interested in mage. Pelum for Prime Minister
  • Melbourne here. I'll run with you guys. I'd most likely be diving into crafting more in the game and I'll go cleric/bard. This might change once we get more into on the game.
  • Come say hi on disco, don't be a stranger.

    <a href="">ASHES DISCORD LINK</a>
  • I'll be looking for an NZ/Aus guild when this gets closer. Good to see a oceanic player base already forming
  • Glad to see some representation of NZ and Aus!
  • Nice to see an Oceanic Community already forming. Really looking forward to anymore news or info for this game
  • Another Aussie here keen to have a crack :)
    I just seen this game and pumped to get in, hoping this is the game I have been looking for
  • Gold coast checking in. cant wait to be able to play with everyone
  • Representing the need for oceanic servers and g'day from Sunshine coast QLD
  • Nice to see a good Aussie community forming here. Trying to make a crafting centric guild at the moment, but if that doesn't work out count me in.

    From Wodonga on he VIC/NSW border.

    Looking to make a weaponsmith, and be a two handed weapon fighter type. Not sure on the secondary class yet. Maybe cleric or bard?
  • Brisbane here! this game looks like a mash of rest/conan exile mixed with wow. cant wait it looks amazing! i love PVP and PVE so im down for whatever. Probs specialise as gathering
  • Oceanic servers have been confirmed. Lets keep the hype train rolling.
  • Gold Coaster here, will likely roll Rogue

    Previous experience largely in the good old days of early WoW, large PvP focus, also helped run an end-game raiding guild that cleared all content in Vanilla/BC/WotLK

    Far less time to myself these days, but will likely find myself making time if this game is all it's cracked up to be. Looking forward to playing with you lads, if you'll have me!
  • Hey guys,

    Keen to get rolling with a group from the same region all prepped to have a good stab at this on launch. I'm in Brisbane and probly looking to go some kinda mage/fighter or something clericy.

    Managed to snag a early bird founders pack so pretty stoked for this XD

    So much stuff in this appeals to me but probly more looking at PvE and playing the economy/crafting.
  • Jumping on the hype train early. Can't wait to see if the devs deliver on their promises.

    Looking to play either a high dps character or a tank and probably going to dabble in some crafting.
  • Hi guys. Pom in Mackay, Qld here.

    LF semi-serious guild thats looking to work together to lay claim to a node and develop it into a max-sized city.

    If this sounds like something you're looking to do....I'm in.

    (I went with an early-bird Pioneer pack)
  • Is by any chance em I be qualified to join? I'm from the Philippines, Time zone isn't my issue since I work from home.
  • hey aussie from Western Australia keen to join a OCE guild for this amazing game will be rolling healer and looking for medium to HC kind of guild. want to start early for a guild community discord name is burntslayer#3820
  • Great to see the AUS/NZ player base building. Keen to roll when the games launches. What shall I do until then. This hype train has a long way to travel. Super keen to get started.

    Oh forgot to mention. I am a Kiwi in Wellington.
  • Give me a yell on discord if you want more info.


  • Hi,

    I might be interested in joining. Perhaps we could have a conversation? I'm usually available to speak on discord but won't be until Sunday night, unfortunately. Could we exchange discord messages tonight instead?

    The guild looks quite promising in regards to what I'm looking for, but I'm open to all options for now.

    Here's my LFG post -

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • if anyone looking for a good oceanic guild, this one is one to check out :)
  • brisbane here good to see alot of queenslanders about, looking forward to aoc, oce servers are going to be insane i thought the day would never come
  • Following ready for launch, already in discord from Revelation which i didn't really play so keen for this , anything i need to change or do , discord name is MarkT
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    Come come come and join us in Argent :wink:
    Go here for SEA/OCE community in the discord. If interested in joining us message Pelum :wink:

  • i may be keen i,ll see when we get near the start

  • We are still accepting everyone.

    Come join the OCE / SEA Ashes community discord.
  • I am necroing this thread as requested by @Belewyn.

    Join the OCE Ashes community discord.
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