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I need more friends IRL

M-23 Brazil
any tips? i will do it .


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    CawwCaww Member
    step outside...?
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    Join a club. Idk about Brazil, but in the US you can pretty much find a group of people in the area for just about any hobby or sport.
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    TalentsTalents Member, Intrepid Pack
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    Easy, P2W + LFG and you will have friends everywhere.
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    tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    "If a man were to have friends, he must show himself friendly."
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    VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    This is something I'm currently struggling with as well, having moved to a new city across my country to work at Intrepid Studios. You're not alone :sweat_smile:

    Making new friends can be difficult, especially for some more than others. As a gamer, I find it all too easy to head straight home after work and hop on LoL all night. Certainly not a good way to meet people lol.

    So, I've been doing things on my own more often. Going on hikes, I go to the gym multiple times a week (which can be a good way to meet people who are also into fitness), I've gone to some local PC gaming cafes rather than home to game, which is a great way to interact with people who have similar interests as us! I also have been using a few meet-up apps (which is not my favorite, but I'll try anything at least once!)

    I recommend finding some hobbies and interests that you like or perhaps that make you feel comfortable or excited. Preferably ones that might involve other people, and going to them. Going alone is scary but you get used to it ;)

    I hope this helps! ^_^
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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I'll be your friend.

    I have references.
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    George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited April 2022
    Like yourself. If you dont, why should others like you?

    How do you like yourself effectivelly?
    Do what you like and dont do what you dont like.
    You should make yourself happy and other people will like being around a happy person. You.
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    LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Join my guild, I got 500 brazilian nerds here you will friend someone 😂
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    VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    Otr wrote: »
    Go learn something. A foreign language maybe.
    Do some volunteer work to help people or nature.

    This is also a GREAT idea! I study languages as a hobby and back when I could afford it, I took classes and made friends through study partners!
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