I play a lot of MMORPGs

A lot.

I'm 40 and I've been playing RPGs going back to SEGA Genesis. You name it, I've played it, from handheld to console and online.

I recently heard about AoC and I really like the concept behind the game, the dynamic environment will no doubt keep players engaged. I like the class system too, the choices and consequences presented to the players will lead to some interesting play styles. Hopefully meta gameplay won't overshadow the amount of unique choices offered to players.

I haven't played AoC but from what I can see online, it looks like the avatar is forward locked? Meaning the avatar can't attack behind but rather strafes around to attack? I hope this isn't in the final design. I think that people looking for an action MMORPG would prefer an action combat system without limitations. If forward locked avatars remain in the final design an instant 180 camera pan will be in order.

The art direction looks great, the environment especially. I'd like to see, and I'd imagine a lot of other players too, dynamic weather effects, and day/night cycles that affect spawns. I can imagine this being implemented already, maybe? I'm not a fan of most Western MMORPGs but I think this one will get a large audience. It brings concepts to the MMORPG world that may have only been scratched in other games, or not explored at all.

I know the game is still in development but I can tell you that bots will inevitably overrun AoC, the way they do every MMORPG. Botting is a disease in MMORPGs, they inflate in-game markets and can discourage honest players from paying for services. What measures are you planning on implementing to stop the bots?


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    The game will either be hybrid combat or just tab, if hybrid doesn't work out. But the combat itself is still being reworked, so we haven't seen the final version yet.

    There'll be a ton of weather stuff. https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Climate

    Live GMs will be the main method of combating bots.
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    ^^^ That and no macros will be allowed to prevent scripts hiding under the quise of key macros
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