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[NA] Coalition of Arcanum Theology (CAT) | Casual and Hardcore | Organized PvX

[NA] Coalition of Arcanum Theology (CAT) | Casual and Hardcore | Organized PvX

About Us
We are a newer community built by leaders whom have years of mmo experience and leadership. We are seeking motivated and active members that want are willing strive for greatness. We have high goals and ambitions and the commitment to accomplish them. We wish to build an enjoyable, active, environment for our community. This entails honing individual and group skills while promoting comradeship between members. Within AoC, we will be active participants in all PVE and PvE content while maintaining a respectable guild identity.

Community Requirements can be found in our discord link. Main rule, respect.

Goals in Ashes of Creation:
-- Server first end game dungeon and raid clears
-- Server first metropolis level node
-- Owning and keeping a guild castle within our metropolis
-- Have several master craftsman of all trades!
-- Mostly, have fun and play together!

What We Offer:
-- Experienced and transparent leadership, currently looking for more
-- Organized PvX events
-- Guild events and tracking with use of a discord event bot
-- Requirement to play as soon as possible

What We expect:
-- Participation in Events when able
-- Being Active in Discord and in game
-- Helping your fellow guildies when able

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