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[OCE] The Casual Conspiracy (Social/PVX)

ContortzzContortzz Member
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πŸ‘½**The Casual Conspiracy** πŸ‘½

**OCE / AUS / NZ**

NA server if OCE are not established
Will be live in Alpha 2

The Casual Conspiracy has been active across a number of mmo's since vanilla wow.

We aim to be a small-medium sized crew in AOC. Active but Casual / Social focused with no pressure or major expectations. Just chillin and enjoying the game together at our own pace. :sunglasses:

Best suited for time limited or casually inclined players. We will be alt friendly as each character you create can join a different guild. However we have connections to hardcore crews for when you want to get into the larger scale action.

Initially we will look to establish a shared guild freehold plot with a tavern at a crossroads. This could take some time but no need to rush and will serve as the overarching goals to start.

We are in a bit of a hibernation mode at the moment due to the lack of any good mmo's to fuel the hunger... however >> Come hang in our AOC lobby ... its good therapy for the inescapable hype 😌

We might have a bit of a dabble in "Throne N Liberty" when it goes live if Alpha 2 isn't up.

"Dont forget to select AOC in roles"

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