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Seeking Home

VeroExMortuisVeroExMortuis Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited June 2022 in General Discussion
Hey everyone,

As well as many MMO fans out there I am extremely ecstatic for this game and what potential it has. I just want to throw a little about myself on here and try and find myself a home/group to belong to! When it comes to my credentials, I started out on Star Wars Galaxies.. which instantly grabbed me and bred my love for gaming and more specifically, MMORPGs. Although I have played so many MMOs (EQ2, LOTRO, WoW, ESO, DAoC, and many more..), SWG has always been the game that I compare to and the game I will always miss due to the absolute happiness it could provide. It wasn't the combat or the exploration that captivated me, it was the community and how the game incorporated features that almost forced the social aspect. Which is why I am so excited, as I am sure many of you are, for this upcoming treasure.

I was originally planning to form a guild myself and try to build it up. Although I am not against leadership or any of the responsibilities that it would demand of me, I just feel that I would be a better fit as a helper of some type, even as just a fellow guildie.

What I am looking for:
- A guild more focused on the individuals than just recruiting anyone and everyone. I am not anti-people by any means, I just like to know everyone that I play with on a day to day basis and actually build those relationships on the game into actual friendships. Luckily with Ashes, they make it possible for guilds that aren't massive to actually benefit from a smaller roster size.
- It can be a hardcore guild, it just can't have hardcore requirements. I will be playing basically every day, anywhere between 4-6 hours on the days that I work and double that on the days that I have off. I will contribute and help in any way that I can, as well as fill any role that is needed that is within my capabilities. I just don't believe in extremely strict requirements that almost turn the game into a job. As stated before, I will contribute and help in every way I can because I genuinely believe that community is the best part of any game, I just don't want to be handed a list of things I have to do in order to be a part of a group.

What I am looking for isn't a unicorn by any means. Just a home and family to spend my game time with and hopefully to mutually benefit each other! Let's adventure and explore Verra together!


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    I dm'ed you a quick excerpt of what we are, but here is a more detailed about us, you are welcome to stop by the discord and poke around, I am usually online.

    Here is an invite link -

    War Hogs.
    Mercenary Guild | 18+ | Hardcore Squads | Friendly Community [NA]

    The center of the guild consists of highly skilled players who work together in 8-man squads to become useful to other guilds in PVP scenarios. Although War Hogs is purely focused on our hardcore mercenary squads, we highly encourage our members to bring their casual friends into the guild. We aim to bring in groups of friends who are struggling to choose between a hardcore or casual guild and be a home to them both.

    War Hogs Atmosphere
    War Hogs is a guild of competitive gamers who want to take part in the highest tier of gameplay without sacrificing the ability to play with their friends. Our squads will be self-sufficient team-oriented players. All members who are part of a squad will be expected to complete assigned contracts and be available for larger dungeons/raids/sieges during server prime times. The only requirements for members outside of the squads is to remain active and be friendly.

    War Hogs Core Function
    Each hardcore player will have a squad they join within War Hogs. As a hardcore player in a squad their focus will be playing within the squad to build cohesion and skill to fill contracts given by their squad leaders. Each squad’s goal is to learn their squad member’s strengths and weaknesses to become a well-oiled machine and function as one unit. High skill mechanics with flawless communication is the goal within each squad.
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    AdelissaAdelissa Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    We're definitely people oriented, we want to know who's in the guild personally as it helps us better achieve our goals, you can check our our forum post or join our discord!
    Adelissa | Guild Master | Heathen Lords
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    Psycho-PhobicPsycho-Phobic Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2022

    Hey there VeroExMortuis!

    Sounds like you might be a great fit for [Suspect]! And we don't have ludicrous requirements. The only major requirements are that you are 18+, respect other guild members, and don't exploit/break NDAs. We don't even have an activity requirement outside of the game itself, because we understand life/family comes first. Playing games should be about hanging out with friends, not a second job. But here is the short of it...

    Who We Are:
    Suspect is a group of friends with many personalities. Despite our growing size, at Suspect, you are family, not just a number. So we’re looking for players who treat guild members with respect. Our members range from casual to hardcore with focus on every type of content and gameplay, be it PvP, PvE, Crafting or a combination of it all. Best described to be VERY competitive, but don't intend to be a second job, attempting world firsts.

    Our Plans and Interests:

    - Guild Social/Objective Focused Events!
    - Mercenary Contracts! (Escort/KoS/Area Denial/Scout/Etc.)
    - Bounty Hunting!
    - PvP! Lots of PvP!
    - PvE Progression Raids and World Bosses!
    - Master Crafts!
    - Naval Content! (All)
    - Caravans! (Capture & Defend)
    - Node Influence!
    - Guild Castle Sieges!

    Even if you don't intend to join, you are more than welcome to hang out and get to know us anyway. We often do open community game nights/watch parties too that all are welcome to attend.

    Forum Post:
    "Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions."
    Join the mercenary guild [Suspect]:
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    NeorineNeorine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Well @VeroExMortuis , it sounds like you're looking for what The Divine Order has to offer! You can check us out on the forums or the discord link. We are a Quality over Quantity kind of guild. We just had some recent members join and we've been playing Valorant, Guild Wars 2, and goofy other games. Having a great time while getting to know our members is key to success in my opinion tbh. So I say give us a shot and if it works out, then hey, you just found your self a fun, competitive family. If it doesnt work out, no issue here, just glad to have at least given us the opportunity! The other guilds that have commented on this are also good ones too! So you have hella opportunity!

    Hope to see you around!

    Forum Post:
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    Sent you a DM also with some information.
    The Wolves of Verra
    are recruiting:
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