A possibley intresting costmetic idea.

this ones a short and simple idea but something i thought up that sounded fun namely being the idea that maybe for certain classes like say the magician (bard primary, mage secondary) and say had a fire augement on all your abilities than you can perhaps get a purely cosmetic skin that only replaces either the magicians vfx of fire or maybe just changes the mages fire augment in general to look different so its still possible to tell that its fire but just reskinned as it can ONLY be applied to those fire abilites and a example for a cool replacer effect would be in this case, something like making the fire change to petals so rathan than looking like your slingin fire than you can have a swarm of flower petals swarm your target and the fire afterburn could just be explained easily as say the petals slicing up the person and the petals or the petals are just made of fire or something like that. really its just a fun little idea i had as i was thinking about one piece devil fruits so the amount of salt to take with this is so much that i fear for your health if you take a bit of salt with this idea but hey, the forums exist for the sake of just throwing ideas out there to give some inspiration for things intrepid can do or change if they so chose so why not, am i right? :D


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    SongcallerSongcaller Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    We seem to have a lot of recent threads with the alphabet rubix cube (blocks of text).

    Paragraphs are your friend.


    Yours was a mini golf wall and not the great wall of China.

    I liked the idea.
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    AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Forgive and ignore me but I'm just too amused at the fact that your typo(?) causes them to be referred to as costmetics.

    I will credit you with this term when I am famous.

    I also somewhat like the idea.
    Sorry, my native language is Erlang.
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