Impatient Players - Probably an impopular opinion

JeanPhilippeQCJeanPhilippeQC Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
We all know Alpha-2 won’t come for a while but some grown impatient and keep ask for an A2 date on Discord. I think Steven talk time by time about the progress to A2 milestone through.

I think he kind of done what I will write in the past but to calm down them he could get out and said something like on a livestream, without giving a timeframe for sure if the A2 is far away: “We are doing a lot of progress through to our Alpha-2 milestone BUT there’s a lot of work to do. Don’t expect it anytime soon.”

I think if Steven is crystal clear, I’m sure he was in the past but maybe some need a new remember, the community will lower their expectations. After all, they are transparent developers.
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