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Windswept Wonders

VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
edited June 2022 in Announcements

When the mortal races fled Verra, they brought with them what they could carry to start fresh in the world of Sanctus. Sadly, many of the crafts and creations they left behind fell to ruin, or were ground down to their component parts and carried off by wind and rain. Fortunately, enough of their traditional crafting methods were enhanced by magic, and perfected by many generations of master artisans, and consequently, some fine pieces still endure. Many artifacts survived the ravages of time and still await rediscovery for those willing to brave the dangers of the crumbling ruins in which they were entombed.

The Windswept Wonders cosmetic add-ons will be available in the Ashes of Creation shop from May 11, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific until June 8, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific. Don’t forget that The Road To Desolation addons will be removed on May 11, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific when the new cosmetics swap over.

For more information, check out our news post:


  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff

    Some folks in Discord were wondering whether the mount in this cosmetic add-on can fly or glide. The answer is no! Because of its broken wing, it can no longer fly and cannot glide.

    Just wanted to clarify here as well in case people were wondering ^_^
  • HawkwoodHawkwood Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Yeah this one is for me.
  • LithionLithion Member
    edited May 2022
    Details on what these go on please?

    1. Which buildings can the freehold skin go on?
    2. Can the armor skin cover all types of armor? *(Types meaning full plate, leather, and cloth)
  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I'd like to know if the drake has a barding slot and if I can apply bardings/saddle skins such as the Vanguard's Hammer skin
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  • VarcanVarcan Member
    Just got the big boy pack. I hope I won't regret this in the future :D
  • How close is this to release?
  • OzijakOzijak Member
    There are no announced dates yet, Alpha 2 is next, then Beta 1 then Beta 2. At a wild guess 2-3 years for full release, I hope less but it could be more. Steven and the team are committed to getting things right and takes time and will give us updates when they know they can hit those dates. So for now we wait and watch the monthly live streams and social media updates.
  • DakHakDakHak Member
    Is there anywhere I can see all of the old cosmetics that were released? I know you can't buy them i'm just curious what's been put out so far.
  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    DakHak wrote: »
    Is there anywhere I can see all of the old cosmetics that were released? I know you can't buy them i'm just curious what's been put out so far.
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  • DakHakDakHak Member
    Ok now i'm really upset I missed the Tortoise..

    It even had a universe shell :(
    @Intrepid the only way you can make this up to me is to release a Sea Turtle with stars and I might just forgive you! :)
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