The Ashen Forge: Episode 61 - Origins

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In this lore dedicated episode we discuss the creation of the four parent races and their sub races, the origins of The Toren, Sanctus, sending our souls to new planes and what does evil mean?

So far my favorite lore discussion has been the Toren. I am very intrigued to learn where they came from, being described as half-elves. I also hope that one day our characters will be able to revisit Sanctus.

We are live every Sunday at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific at www.twitch.tv/theoryforge


The Ashen Forge is a livestream covering Ashes of Creation news and opinion that has been running since in May 2017. The hosts are Dygz, Neurotoxin, and Fantmx all who have been playing mmos for nearly 20 years. We originally started our show Theoryforge in 2014 with coverage of EverQuest Next and are looking forward to Ashes and the evolution of mmos.

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