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[Feedback Request] Seasonal Tech Discussed in May Livestream



  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Let me be clear. Input rng is not for anyone to manipulate. It is a balance mechanic.

    How would you feel if I block all economic sales to a religious node from an economic node because religious node can also fuck the whole server up through input rng?
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  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Ps the last time we went in loops like this I drained my battery and I lost my music. Therefore blabber bladder I be back in some hour.
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  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2022
    I feel like The Mayor of Casterbridge who lost millions betting on the weather. At least I have no children to lose alongside lol.

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  • CraikenCraiken Member
    edited May 2022
    One thing that was missing was character interaction with the grass. It should rustle when he moves through it. I suspect that's work in progress, but I thought I'd mention it. EDIT: I just heard this issue addressed on the stream. It sounds like big plants will move. It's unclear if whether the grass will move.

    The weather looked fabulous. I've seen rain in other games, but a field of grass rippling in the wind is a quantum leap forward.
  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2022
    Economic update(potions):

    Potions will be for the elements in my zones. Debuffs can not be cleared by potions. Weather can't be changed by potions.

    For example, hell might cause fear and ill health. A potions cam clear ill health for 6 hours but not the fear debuff.

    Of course, I can make changes at any time but I thought we could progress faster if I explained further.

    To be clear, you will die in my zones without a potion. You will not be pristine under a potion though.

    Sorry for the delay,

    Edit: spelling.
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  • mrBokmrBok Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Nothing really to say. You guys know what your doing and outcome is just STUNNING!

    I just wonder how it affect other systems like sailing, fishing, crops, gather, questing...
    and how players will use this system to their advantage, for example using fog cover for theirs ships to attack other guild dock or something.... can't wait for more information in the future :) This Game is worth waiting for sure and Im happy to see more people start talking about it.
  • LerithielLerithiel Member
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    The weather system looks amazing. Also how we can change the weather yourself with players. The colors, the treese, the animals, the ground is changing so nice, i can't wait to see it with my own eyes!
  • OthinnOthinn Member
    Visually it was very impressive especially since the game is still in Alpha.

    The actual game importance of the system ( besides the visual/audio/atmospheric impact ) really was only touched on by Steven. Exactly how weather impacts crafting, gathering, caravans, the broader economy is where I think the rubber hits the road. You've ticked the pretty box, but its the meaningful box that will actually make the system relevant beyond the cosmetic.

    Testing the weather system in Alpha 2 in terms of the broader game systems is important.
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    I would love to have seasons much more rarely in the game. Instead of weekly rotations make it monthly rotation (one month per season). It will be harder to fill the zones with content to do, but it will make it much more unique I feel. For example you could have a month of winter where you can enter icy dungeon and kill a weekly world boss for example. Also it will make some potions/foods/crops much more unique and needed like 2 months after spring for example. I would love to see some unprepared or lazy guild struggle to have consumables or some coordinated guilds to make profits out of their farming grind. Weekly seasons will kill this feeling in my opinion.
    It also can be fixed by making for example spring and autumn seasons which will contain some small portions of crops/things to farm from summer and winter but much more rare.
  • RintaRinta Member
    I have to say, the demo was thoroughly delightful, and it is a pleasure seeing this game slowly take shape.

    I very much enjoyed the gradual change of seasons, the wind effects, the little weather / environmental elements such as the dust devil or the little birds flying off, and some of the concepts that are in the works, such as piling of snow, and area access dependent on season and weather.

    I am also happy to see the character footprints on top of all this weathery goodness. Do monsters and carriages also leave prints?

    Mechanics suggestions / thoughts

    Made-up weather
    Someone already mentioned earlier, and I agree, that in a fantasy game such as Ashes it would be interesting to see some made-up weather happen occasionally.

    Perhaps, sometimes it rains acid? Or marshmallows?

    Perhaps we could have some corruption-themed weather effect, little red lightnings in the air to signify corruption-charged air particles that got carried by the wind from corrupted areas (so it would not only happen in the corrupted areas, but rather be a general weather effect with certain properties)?

    Perhaps, on especially magical days, arcane mist could cover the world (or should we call it... myst?), glowing with all colours of rainbow, affecting magical abilities, and adding odd magical properties to the crops (not necessarily good ones)?

    Area access affected in both directions
    Perhaps this is already in the works, but I wonder if harsher weather could not only block access to certain areas, but also reveal access to some.

    For example:
    • Ice block can close off a cave entrance, but it can also give access to an elevated area, providing a climbing route.
    • A flash-flood could plug up an underground dungeon, but it can also open up a new boat path, connecting two otherwise unconnected rivers or lakes.
    • Summer growth can close off a passage, but freshly grown vines can allow you to descend into a previously unaccessible well.
    And so on...

    Gradual changes
    Since seasons are supposed to change gradually - it would be interesting if gathering / monsters / crops also got affected gradually.
    • Previous season's monster population that's meant to disappear would do so gradually and not at once.
    • Previous season's gatherables would gradually spawn less and be slowly replaced by new season's.
    • Crops that are going out of season would slowly show signs of decay, so that someone who doesn't play every day would have time to react and collect them before they are dead.

    Random thoughts
    • This is a wonderful tree. Can I climb up its branch and perch on it?
    • Will there be rainbows, and if yes - will I find a treasure at the end of one?


    Autumn can be a season of death and decay, but it can also be a season of amber leaves, red sunsets, and gorgeous gourds.
    This is how I would like my autumns to look like:

    This is something I'd enjoy seeing in winter.
    Cozy fluffy snow on trees and houses:

    Minor peeves
    This is something I imagine is going to be changed closer to release, nevertheless I will mention it here.
    • Insects and most birds would normally hide during wind and rain.
    • While grass and trees and weather are grand - ground under all of that beauty looks awfully featureless, I do hope this will improve with time.
  • First of all this stream was awesome and you did a really awesome job!

    things that would improve it for me are
    -foliage render distance increase or unlimited (not sure how big the performance impact would be but a graphic option for that would be nice)
    -cloud shadows (like in V Rising or here
    -leaves should fall primarily if there is wind (or other external forces) affecting the tree
    and ifsomehow possible not spawn midair out of nowhere
    -lightning and thunder
  • ggwp19ggwp19 Member
    Each of the two continents should have its own season (just like in the real world). In this way there would always be 2 seasons available and it would promote movement around the map in search of specific resources of each season. Taking this into account, I would lengthen the duration of each season reasonably, about 1 month might be fine.

    I love the fact that the footsteps stay on the floor. I don't know how many resources it consumes, but if they could be kept for a couple of minutes, it would give a lot of play, for example, when accessing an area in search of resources, a dungeon... knowing if there is someone or several people already inside (you could even know what race they are based on the shape of the footprint)

    Following that line of thought, I think it would be spectacular if in addition to colliding with vegetation, you could leave a trail in the grass, and as more people pass over it, natural paths would be created.

    By the way, something strange happens in the highest part of the trees. It is as if the last branches constantly appear and disappear as the character moves. It can be seen perfectly from 5:50 on the video.

    I can't wait to see how many different combinations will be available when alpha 2 comes out.
  • DakHakDakHak Member
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    • What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?
    • Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?
      Waves and tides. Waves to change with wind and tides to be on a cycle. Perhaps there are items you can forage at low tide that you normally have to dive for. Perhaps valuable sand crabs come out at low tide. Ships struggle to battle the waves etc etc.

      Would it be possible to link player magical activity to the weather? Perhaps even just as an easter egg. "If 50 players cast a wind elemental spell then a storm will be created". It would be a cool to RP the "death storm" that preceeds a guild into combat. I love my totally pointless but "oh that's a nice touch" mechanics.
    • Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?
      The witcher 3 I really liked the weather. It felt moody and really changed the atmosphere. For an older game I still feel it's weather was incredible.
    • Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system?
      That the farming system will be properly balanced with the weather cycles. i.e. I will have long enough to grow a profitable amount of crops before it becomes winter.
  • KloWhKloWh Member
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    First of all, that was really impressive show of tech. And i am genuinely excited about it. it is outstanding work from the team.

    That said, i will as usual try to give you a feedback with a perspective of continuous improvements
    • What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?

      I would say, jaw dropping scenaries thant make you stop, feeling of rediscover an area each season, and sound immersion.
    • Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?

      Waves & Tides, Lightning, frozen puddles, ice lakes or partial ice on water, sun-bleached grass, evaporated fog in the morning in summer, maybe shooting stars in summer and northern light in winter, a rink ?
    • Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?

      Xenoblade do it pretty well especially tropical ones with some rare weather full of shooting stars who are outstanding.
      Fable had an interesting take too with it regarding the effect on gameplay.
      The Witcher 3 of course.
    • Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system?

      Fall and Spring was amazing. But i thought Winter was lacking a little substance. I mean a little more volumetric snow at certain places, like around the trees or building make sense. And if the foliage and tree branches are really beautiful in full season, in winter the texture & meshes could use a little more work to have this winter feeling. A little pile of leaves with snow on top who remember the fall is often seen too giving more "texture" and granurality to the landscape.

      for summer honestly on this particular biome i could'nt tell when it was spring and when is was summer, i mostly seen no differences at all in the végétation, i was expecting maybe warm fog from the stones and roads, more reflexion on textures because of the sun, maybe some more "sunburn" grass, distorded horizon from the heat. Rainbows ?
  • What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?
    That I see the effects of it on the character, being temperature/weather-specific emotes or frost on the armor and metals. To frost breath or wipe their forehead when it's hot. Blowing cape and feathers, etc.

    Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?
    Nothing missing but why stop there? Sand storm, heat waves, tidal waves? Rainy, storm, tornado? Blizzards.

    Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?
    Mad Max PS3 game, the sandstorm / Conan Exile, sand storm that come with dangerous creatures.

    Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system? No concern, just genuine excitement.
  • TeylouneTeyloune Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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    What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?

    What aspects? All of them!
    I barely get to enjoy weather in other games, because developers apparently haven't successfully been able to sell them to their playerbase as microtransactions.
    So all the aspects of the weather are important to me.

    In the Livestream/Video you talked about thinking about Freezing Bodies of Water in the Winter.
    I'm begging you, please do this. This could be so fun to interact with.

    I really want to see bodies of water freeze, if that means that my boat can get stuck. Yes! I'm all for it.
    And then please give me the options to acquire tools and upgrades that allow me to interact with this mechanic, like an Icebreaker Upgrade for my Ship.

    If I decide to travel the waters in a time where they can freeze, then there should also be consequences for doing it anyway.

    When we have freezing bodies of water, we could use tools to make holes into the ice and enjoy some Ice Fishing!

    Also, Ice Skating! I would love to be able to Ice Skate across frozen bodies of water!
    There are barely any MMORPGs where you can go Ice Skating, and most of them are absolutely dead.

    Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?

    I haven't seen anything about brooks that could dry up in the summer heat. Is that being considered?

    I would really want to see snow accumulating on the clothing of the players, or cloth get visibly wet during rain.

    If I run, roll or fall into the mud, I want my armor and clothes to get mud stains all over them.
    I also gladly take an emote or item to dust myself off. Or straight up hop into a bathtub. I've seen Bathtubs in Alpha 1, and I definitely would want another reason besides general hygiene to use them.

    With how great the weather already looks, I actually feel like that for me it could create a disconnect between the Player Character and the Environment(?), If I can't get my Character dirty with various stains and effects.

    Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
    The Rainfall and Storms could dampen the noise you're making, which made it easier to sneak around, there were also Sandstorms which did the same in addition to also impacting visibility which impacts the enemies as well as you.
    Having to adapt strategies on the basis of the weather feels truly rewarding.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    When it rains climbing surfaces becomes much harder, when you're in snowy area eating spicy food or wearing warmer clothes becomes necessary, when you're in the desert you once again have to dress accordingly under the sweltering heat of the Sun. During Thunderstorms carrying anything metallic or wearing metallic armor is pretty much a death sentence. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The Weather System in Death Stranding was really well done, you could get stuck up to thighs in snow, it would affect how you walk through it. it would affect enemies. You really had to take the weather into consideration when planing your adventures.

    Just Cause 4 had some insane weather effects, like Blizzards, Tornadoes, and Thunderstorms.

    I would honestly love to see more extreme weather in games that make me want to take shelter, like in a cave for example, and then find out that there is a whole cave system to explore.

    This may seem a bit far fetched but various Racing Games do change the way how you drive your car, like making roads slippery, It could be interesting to have weather affect the handling of mounts. This could potentially be interesting for people racing around the Lands of Verra.

    There is a Mad Max game, and in that game driving into bad weather with exaggerated storms is an absolute chaotic and equally thrilling experience, one that is as impact for Gameplay as it is visually impressive.
    I would love to have a similar feel, when I foolishly ride through a storm.

    The Weather Mechanics in Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag feel like they are barely utilized on the land, but on the sea while sailing are pretty awesome! Sailing into the middle of storms against fury scales of wind, wild uncontrollable waves and dangerous twisters is an absolute blast! Especially if you're locked in a dramatic battle against other Ships while doing so.

    The Sea of Thieves seafaring adventures make spectacular use of weather, catching the wind and using it for faster sailing is of course a thing, but there are also other special kinds of weather effects to contend with fog for instance makes navigating the seas harder thanks to reduced visibility and increasing the danger of crashing into reefs, while Thunderstorms can hit your ship which can be devastating, while waves waves that crash into your ship can also do plenty of damage. meanwhile when it rains you have to bail water from the bottom lest it sink. suffice to say there is a lot to content with.

    The Weather in Sea of Thieves was so interesting to interact with that I would say that it has more than doubled the amount of time I have spend in the game than if those systems didn't exist.
    Areas I have been to before would feel completely different propose new challenges when visited under different weather conditions, and you could get away with some crazy shit and maneuver that would otherwise be impossible, if you just new how to properly interact with the weather.

    Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system?

    It looks like the people who work on the weather system and seasons are truly passionate about what they are doing. It gives me the good feels.

    I'm worried about these passionate people eventually being told to stop, when they want to add terrifying storms that make me want to hide in a cave, because I feel like my Character wouldn't be safe outside anymore.
    I would definitely want that.

    What can these amazing people do, when no one is stopping them?
    I want to find out!
  • ShoelidShoelid Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Something that I would've liked to see is a true torrential downpour.

    The kind that makes you want to hide inside with the deafening roar of rain hitting the roof, but you don't have time to do that because the fields are flooding, the river has tripled in size and speed, the city drainage is overwhelmed, trees are threatening to topple in the winds but you really have to get the animals to high ground so you have to move quickly regardless of the danger.

    Other extreme weather events would be nice too, like blizzards or tornadoes or dust storms, and these extreme weather events should change the behavior of the mobs/wildlife. Polar bear might have reduced aggression in a blizzard because an apex predator can't be bothered to hunt when it's a little inconvenient, but a pack of snow wolves might have increased aggression because they have to take every chance they can to feed the pack. Animals that spawn in packs might group much closer than normal for protection and warmth. There might even be some weather specific encounters, like a looming ice golem that calls in the blizzard, and killing him causes the weather to calm. Or a quest to help the locals cope with the environment.

    On the terrain changing for the seasons, like what was demonstrated near the end of the video with the ice blocks... I don't think I'm a big fan of a binary open/closed path depending on the season. I think what would be much more compelling is a difference in difficulty depending on the season. Instead of that mountain pass being frozen over in the winter, maybe the local yeti come out and flex their control of the territory. Fighting through the yeti's territory would require ample preparation by a good sized group of people, so they better have a good reason for doing it. A small party might be trying to race to a newly opened dungeon, or a well established merchant group might be hiring muscle to pass through quickly and make a good profit.

    I think the idea of the oceans and rivers freezing over can be very similar to that idea. The sea route becomes difficult, and the land routes become easy. Boats might require specialized equipment to deal with/break through the ice, and a caravan can be equipped with gear to glide over the ice in a newly formed land route.

    I don't really think cloth getting wet or snow piling on the character would really do much, and it seems too hard to get right for it to be worth the effort.

    Different biomes having different season lengths or magnitudes would be cool.
  • I like the looks and how far the weather aspect has come. My main question is how far will the weather aspect go? If it’s tornado/thunderstorm weather could there be the potential for diverted cargo carts. If there is a blizzard could it effect cargo carts? Could weather be an aspect when fighting bosses? I love what I am seeing but I think weather should effect transport, boss battles and even the monsters in the area. Maybe if it’s raining there are few monsters of a certain type because they are wanting to take shelter but other monsters see this as a predatory period and there is an increased amount of them. If’ it’s a boss, maybe tornadic weather could increase a flying bosses speed because it’s “using the wind” to evade but it’s can’t use fire moves (e.g. a dragon). Maybe these types of storms could even ground flying creatures, including flying players. I am sure this would be a lot to implement but I think it would create a more dynamic approach to actual real concerns for the players. Different strategies based on weather.
  • Holy god everyone has done such an amazing job. As other people have said that having options for draw distance would be huge, either increase the draw distance as it is or to be able to have less vegetation with increased draw distance for lower specs. Other than that this update has to be one of my favorites, the attention to detail, colors and the entire vibe of every season is caught in such an amazing way you feel like you're inside the game. One thing I would love to see in the future is absolutely extreme weather in some places, wether it's an event on top of a mountain with so much snow and fog that you need some kind of item or special spell to make the area more visible, and since it's snowing so hard it modifies specefic spells or skills from each class. Another example is a special event in the summer where again, the extreme sun would have players needing to cool down with some sort of item because otherwise you get a movement decrease or some other debuff, or some support characters would be able to cast aoe spells that cool party members down.
    As always, thank you to the glorious Ashes of Creation developers for the amazing work you've shown us over the course of the development of the game, we appreciate all the hard work everyone's doing and I hope you all have an amazing rest of your day.
  • l3v3rag3l3v3rag3 Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can we have hurricanes, maybe they can lift players up too. Im not sure about having ships get lifted up or just damaged if too close, but if possible, hurricanes and natural disasters would be great additions to the weather systems.
  • akabearakabear Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Visually looking great.

    Did notice that the foreground textures and assets were very detailed but the middle ground and foreground were not. The assets in the middle ground only appeared when approaching.

    This lead to a a very obvious difference between detailed and non-detailed areas.

    I hope this is fixable without great performance issues.
  • iteateiteate Member
    The water needs to freeze in the winter
  • TravailTravail Member
    What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?
    The most important aspects are the ones that impact a realisation in gameplay. Either - oh boy, I can't do this because it's Fall, and the crops sprout in spring. Or that the mage I want to kill won't be so powerful in Winter, unless they're a frost mage. But I welcome that gamble.
    Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?
    The only (obviously) missing piece is the cadaence.
    Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?
    GW2 is done very well, and the use of UE5 is great in showing the look and feel of the world. However players will get used to this amazing world within days, or at most weeks. I think comittment to the downsides of weather, and extremes of weather would temper min/maxers.
    Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system?
    Extremely exited about the impact of weather changes. I'm concerned about the frequency of weather changes, I hope the seasons chage at most every week, preferably every month.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    First of all, I absolutely LOVE what you are doing with the weather so far! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    Seriously, great job from the team. This is stuff I would only expect to see in next gen AAA single player titles, and already better than most games I have played.

    One of the most important parts of the weather for me is getting the sounds right.
    I am getting super nitpicky now, and I completely understand if it's too much to ask for, but rain sounds different depending on the surface it hits. For example:
    As for visuals, I understand this is early days and more iteration is needed. But there were a couple of moments in the Seasons in the Riverlands video that took me a little out of the immersion:
    If you go to the 1:06 minute mark, we see a Fox of the Pyre trying to get out of the rain in a structure that seemingly has a roof. Yet, we can see the rain drops hit the dirt under the roof and even under the fox itself. More than what the wind could account for I think. I hope in the future those rain drops get blocked. If at any point the "rain" weather effect affects skills, abilities or resistances (like improved fire resistance, but reduced lightning resistance when wet), it would be nice if it didn't affect players and NPCs if they are under shelter in an otherwise rainy area. We need to be able to immediately see which areas are affected by the rain though.

    In the same video at the 1:32 mark, we see the rain drops don't affect the surface of the water. I would expect to see rings and such, or at least little splashes like we see when it hits dirt. The water surface was clearly not completely smooth and calm, but I would like to see a little more evidence of drops hitting it. :smile:

  • Finally got to re-watch the weather/seasons update, today! Found even more things to enjoy, in it:

    =Steven's speculation about the weather being influenced by the Node Relics

    While yours truly has always favored some kind of Divine Node input into the weather, I'm quite happy to know that it will potentially be influenced by players, through specific mechanics. We have yet to learn of a lot of specifics of the Node Relics, so this was a very welcome insight! It also leads into

    =Gatherables/Harvests being affected

    A lot of folks have been speculating about this, especially in the last several months. We finally have some additional notes from the Creative Director, in the voice-over talk from the video. It does make sense that seasons and weather *would* influence such outputs, it's just really good to know that it's presently part of the in-game plan. This really gives more depth to such systems, an element a lot of long-term players take notice of and find aesthetically enjoyable.

    =Areas hidden/affected by seasonal affects

    Asides from the hidden golden sandal, Steven and Margaret specifically spoke about areas that may not be access-able during certain seasons - in addition to the availability of different mobs and creatures. SWG was previously the deepest creature-handling/breeding system that yours truly has personally experienced. I don't think it will be my main crafting-focus in AoC - but it will nonetheless be worthwhile to be knowing of / able to identify the materials that the creature breeders will be after....

  • palabanapalabana Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?
    Light weather effects to extreme weather effects visually as well as affecting gameplay as they should in those conditions. It doesn't always have to be nerfing or buffing certain Archetypes or spells. I'm thinking in the way of making traversing the world much more challenging or easier under different conditions. And then balance that out with dynamic content behind those different conditions.

    Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?
    Thick fogs and heavy rain. Impacting visibility and therefore requires players to think how they should proceed when doing certain activities in the area.

    Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good?
    I don't know. Most games are only aesthetics.

    Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system?
    My concern is that weather and seasons might not make a difference in having players to choose where to go and how to go to the places they want to go. I am not saying to make our life harder. I am thinking in a way that you could make it so that certain pathways are blocked or more difficult to traverse to encourage players to explore other paths which then promotes discoverability on stuff that might have been hidden to them in plain sight.
  • Arthus DawnbreakerArthus Dawnbreaker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 2022
    What aspects of weather in-game are important to you?
    ambient sounds are every important to help me get immersed and variations in the sky. I've seen a lot of different sunsets and sunrises. The oranges, purples, and pinks IRL sky is always something to marvel at would love to see that in game.

    Do you feel anything is missing from the weather system that we’ve shared so far?

    Variations in the sky, Colors in he sky for sunsets and sunrises. Night sky (stars, planets, moons)
    Dynamic sky changes when something evil comes, like make the sky blood red, Sky color changes for certain areas of the land like going into a spooky forest should have low fog and darker skies. Meteor monster events (meteors striking the land and revealing a monster, more area and ambient animals and insects like add some ducks swimming, Geese flying over head. the rain seemed hard to see or not noticeable. there should be more rain when raining medium or hard i barely noticed the droplets. lightning strikes. sunsets and sunrises should be a variation event where you get different color variations and different cloud formations each time so that we can marvel at the beauty of the scenery and each time its different. There should also be a screen capture tool where we can save our favorite vistas and landscapes in video format and photo format so that we can share our experience with others.

    Are there types of weather in other games that you feel are done well? If so, what makes the weather in those games good? New world has great ambient changes when heading into a corrupted area.

    Is there anything you’re excited or concerned about regarding what was shown with the weather system? Draw distance looked a little bad in the distance.

    Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Steven and the INTREPID Team for an amazing job on this update and all the hard work y'all put in its amazing to see the progress of where you've been and where its all heading. I can't wait to experience and marvel in the BEAUTY that is Ashes of Creation. THANK YOU INTREPID! Much Love <3<3<3
  • Arthus DawnbreakerArthus Dawnbreaker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    also! PLEASE make a 8 hour youtube mix of the weather system would love to fall asleep to that lol ;)<3
  • OritasOritas Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Greetings everyone,

    Please note that English is not my native language.

    First of all, I have to say that this work is excellent. I'm positively surprised.
    I have only one concern.

    Steven said on stream that the seasons usually change every week. I believe that this time interval is too short and this change loses relevance. In my opinion an interval of 4 weeks per season would be better to give more depth to the impact this system has on the game. If you only have to do without a herb for 1 week, this is not a big break in the game from my point of view.
    Considering that this system influences the game so much, it would be a shame if it loses relevance due to an interval that is too short.

    Kind regards

  • ThatGuyPowersThatGuyPowers Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think the seasons should be 1 month long instead of one week long
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