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[NA/EU] House Calderon | 18+ Heavy RP-PVX | Node building/ Noble RP/ Military/ Social

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House Calderon (HC)
"The Fire Rises"

[NA] House Calderon | 18+ Heavy RP-PVX | Node building | Noble RP | Military | Social
Welcome to House Calderon! We are an 18+ Heavy RP-PvX guild, with a focus on Noble House RP. This guild centers around the Calderon Family, a noble house of Kaelar and Empyrean origins. We first and foremost are a community of adults who seek to tell a story. The officers of the guild who make up the Calderon Family have worked together in MMOs with over a 10-year record of experience from previous MMOs.

What we seek
- We seek **Community** to find a node to call home and pledge our House to a liege who will honor our house with land and title
-We seek **Growth** through Land, a Freehold or Manor in which to establish our House as a lasting influence in a region.
-We seek **Glory** knowing that we will not merely hold to our estate but journey forth and fight in both PvP and PvE wherever the need arises. Be it to defend our land from raiders, rally to our node against enemies, or be called upon for war.
-We seek **Family** to nurture those who would call themselves Calderon and to build a network of friends and allies.
-We seek **Loyalty** from those who would swear an oath to House Calderon. Banners who will answer the call and see our House as a symbol to rally to.

-Claim land either in a Freehold or in a node Village or City.
-Become influential and a leading House of our area.
-Serve our Liege, our sworn King, and the Realm.
-Raise our own family and all families who swear to House Calderon together in a community.
-RP is a primary, with PvX content supported along with raids.
-Build a PvP ready force for the House to lead, participating in Guild Wars, Node Wars, and Castle Warfare.

What we offer
- Open, honest, and transparent leadership.
- Over 10 years of experience in previous MMO's
- A story-driven and player-focused guild.
- An opportunity for you, the player, to be a founding member of an immersive, growing, and active community.
- Multiple paths to fit your playstyle.
- Progression within House Calderon for outstanding members.

Join House Calderon, and venture forth into Verra together.

Guild Details
-Empyrean Elf and Kaelar Human based House (Heavy lean on Empyrean) Half Elves.
-Accepting all races to serve, but family is centered on Elf and Human lineages.
-Worshiping the God of Truth (Shol)
-Building our House from ruin, a story that will grow with time and challenges
-Sigil is that of a Wyvern.
-Three branches of the House:

The Army
The Military arm of House Calderon. The Army are where our dedicated Martial forces will branch. Any and all Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, or Tank players who intend to play combative roles, will find themselves beginning here. The Army serves as House Guards, Professional Soldier, and more. NOTE: In House Calderon, we do not RP out combat, we play the game. Thus, all members of the Men at Arms are forced to participate in PVP. This is done specifically due to the nature of Ashes of Creation and the need to defend ourselves in the open world. A medieval military structure and life awaits you here as part of the Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and more. The paths of the Army are:

-The Men at Arms is the primary fighting force of the Army. Infantry covers a majority of the front line combat force and organized into teams (of party size) to work together. Infantry act as Guards for Freeholds or Nodes we are affiliated with, they go on patrols to keep the land safe from monsters and hostile forces, and march to war when called upon.
-Knights are players who have achieved Knighthood or a preliminary apprenticeship as a Squire. Knights of House Calderon are chosen by the Lord of the House and Knight Commander to become lower nobility, and a place of prestige for their honor and bravery in combat. (**NOTE**: Knights will be limited, and you cannot join the guild purely to become a Knight. Actions in RP will create a pathway to become a Knight, and you may have to do time as a squire first.)
-Vanguard are players who have joined the guilds special forces, a military force of forward scouts who focus on lightning fast quick strikes, and are also House Calderon's premier Monster experts. Arriving on Verra, with its wide range of mythical and exotic beasts, someone will need to take the challenge of fighting or taming these creatures. Look no further, then the Vanguard.
The men and women of the Magisterium will be new once we enter Verra, as magic was once thought lost. All Arcane focused archetypes: Mage, Cleric, Bards and Summoners will feel at home here. Due to the volatile nature and mystery of the Essence. The House has formed this institution in the pursuit of mastery of magic. The Magisterium will have a religious background, as we make connection to the Gods and the Essence. Battle Mages will be trained to work alongside the Men at Arms as both combative and support roles. (Healers and Combat).

-Essence Academy are players who join the Essence Academy, and work toward learning and mastering the Essence. Mages are both scholars, and magical experts who learn many different styles and schools of magic dependent on their interests. A Mages Academy will be formed hosted by House Calderon. Mages who wish to fulfill combative roles, may join the **Men at Arms** as Battle Mages on loan during battles.
-Chantry are players who wish to join the Church, and pledge their life to the Gods/Goddesses of Verra. House Calderon seeks divine wisdom in the God of Truth; Shol, but all divinities must be carefully adhered to. The Clergy serves as mentors, healers, and guides to religious guidance in Verra.
The Serfdom branch, focuses on the RP of loyal citizens to House Calderon. These are the direct staff members who aid in the day to day of the Houses management, or independent citizens who pledge to the Calderons. These individuals our support staff who are in our employ. Support roles and full blown dedicated RPiers will feel at home here. Players focusing on their Artisian Classes such as dedicated Fishermen, Crafters, Cooks, Farmers, Miners, and more will all be members of the House Staff for now. There are several paths to follow in the Serfdom branch:

-House Staff The House Estate cannot run without a humble staff to support it. Management Staff who assist in the day to day inner workings of the House and support of the Calderon Family. The Advisory Staff who impart wisdom and knowledge to the family. Lastly, the Grounds Staff who upkeep the estate, furnish our direct provisions, and our direct holdings.
-Citizens are players who aim to have their own journey in Ashes of Creation, but desire a place safely to do so. RPiers alone or differing families can choose to become Commoners and pledge allegiance to House Calderon by agreeing to serfdom, aligning you to our House. You would be free to live your life in Verra as you wish, under the watchful protection of House Calderon. You may even be provided land on a Freehold to work, or levied to join a war. Citizens are encouraged to have businesses, their own minor families, and work their way up the social ladder of society.

How to find us

Badkamikaze#9625 on discord
Riji#6431 on discord

Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:


  • Anduin KayvaanAnduin Kayvaan Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Alpha One
    edited June 2022
    Welcome on in Lord Calderon!
    Gray Sentinels Guild Recruitment
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings Ashes community! I'd like to take a moment to better detail where we are heading for House Calderon for those prospective newcomers looking into us.

    First off, we have begun to get our starting membership! We are looking for faithful members who want to invest in the guild for future Officer positions as we grow and better develop. Right now, there is a single Leadership role we are looking to fill: House Steward who will head and aid the current Family Leadership in running the House Staff.

    We are fleshing out the guilds organization, and more will be posted here as this becomes more concrete. Right now, there are several sections of the guild being discussed, but nothing is set.

    House Noble Family: The Calderon Family as the guilds namesake, is the core sect of the guild, comprised of the founding members of the guild, and those who we welcome into the family. We will be following the games family mechanics, and also be accepting branch families in the future that is required by gameplay.

    Men at Arms: The House's military force, all Men at Arms regardless of class are forced to PVP. We in House Calderon do not believe a combatant in Ashes of Creation should be limited to merely their RP abilities, but their ability to be combative in game. We will therefore require our formal military force, to participate in PVP. This will be key when we involve ourselves in Node Warfare, Guild Warfare, and Duels.

    House Staff: The House Staff are Non Combatives by nature, and makeup the workers of the house or those who focus on their non combative duties. House Cooks, Servants, Stablehands, Musicians, and more. This is where our PVE population will reside and those focusing on Artisian Skills like crafting and gathering.

    Currently unnamed Religion/Magic Order: We are currently deciding the name of this, but this is a nice in between. This section of the guild is religious based and will include our Clerics, Mages, and Summoners. Since Magic itself will be only rediscovered in Verra, the basis of this section will be in our House's faith, but will explore magic as we grow. Priests/Priestess, Mages, Battle Mages (to loan out to the Men at Arms) and others will feel welcome here.

    Vassals: Not everyone will feel the need to be right under the House as part of the direct Family, our Men at Arms serving in our Army, part of the House Staff, or even part of our Religious Order. Some, may choose to be in the guild, but be separated. This is where we will allow vassalage. Families (mechanic wise) will pledge an oath of fealty to us and enter into a serfdom to House Calderon. This will give individuals the freedom they desire, but the comfort of being under House Calderon's sphere of influence.

    Lastly, we do wish to publicly announce that we have sworn House Calderon as a family and guild, to the service of Anduin Kayvaan of the Grey Sentinels. He, by all intents and purposes In Character, is our Liege Lord, and House Calderon will defend House Kayvaan.

    Each week I will be updating our progress and intentions! All House Calderon family currently have Alpha 2 access, and we are excited to move forward!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings Ashes Community!

    House Calderon is getting ready for the next livestream next week, pumped for new updates.

    We have decided and named our Magic order The Magisterium after a small vote from our membership. We are looking for Mages, Summoners, and Clerics to fill the ranks of this order, sworn to House Calderon.

    We are also looking specifically for those who are looking to focus on Artisian skills. Crafting and other means to help make the guild profitable. The House seeks a Smith who wishes to work the family forge and we also are looking for a Stable Master who will help raise, maintain, and train mounts for the guild.

    There are RP focused, PVP focused, and PVE focused professions throughout the guild. We are looking for future leaders who can lead these different parts with us as well. Inquire in our discord.

    More to come soon!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Hail friends of the Ashes Community!

    House Calderon yet awaits news of Alpha 2 much like you, but we were quite astonished by the amazing combat gameplay put on display by the devs!

    House Calderon is before all, a RP guild, but we shall not fear from a good fight. The guilds policy is thus: "Any character who proclaims to a great fighter, must prove so." PVP is a key part of this game, and this House fully intends to stand our ground when the need arises. We will also not stray from quality provided content and shield ourselves in a tavern or house. We will gear ourselves to the best of our abilities, train, and harden our skills in combat for those who play that role.

    Let it be known that our Men-at-Arms, our militant branch of the guild is seeking raw recruits, looking to pledge themselves to House Calderon, and serve with a house who will rally when the call is made. We seek future leaders who will lead patrols, protect the House, and fight in the Calderon name.

    Join us! Honor and glory await!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings friends of the Ashes community! It's been a good month since a reply, but we here at House Calderon are still preparing the guild for the eventuality that is Alpha 2 and beyond.

    We were very happy to see the Desert biome last development update, and look greatly forward to the next update coming soon this month. While House Calderon has no plans to settle the desert, we aim to be versatile enough to journey wherever in the world of Verra we may be called.

    We are still looking for starting members, staff, and other persons to help shape the guild in these crucial early stages. If you're seeking a RP guild with the drive, experience, and ambition to grow. You'll find no better home then that of House Calderon. Join the family, serve with honor!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Greetings Ashes community! September is upon us! House Calderon continues to grow slowly, and we have a much more in depth look at what we have done lately.
    Changes to the Guild
    • New Look, Same Ideals
      We have changed our House sigil and are currently working on an actual coat of arms that will be released soon. We have changed from the Phoenix to the Wyvern as our house sigil, because frankly, so many people were using a Phoenix. We are now the Silver Wyverns and our lore will begin to reflect this.
    • Release of our first Branches
      We have released what are first three branches will be in the guild.
      -House Staff
      -Men at Arms
      -The Magisterium
    • House Staff
      The House Staff as it is called, are the direct staff members who aid in the day to day of the Houses management. These individuals are not Caldeorn family members, but our support staff who are in our employ. Support roles and full blown dedicated RPiers will feel at home here. Players focusing on their Artisian Classes such as dedicated Fishermen, Crafted, Cooks, Farmers Miners, and more will all be members of the House Staff for now. Players seeking to fill RP roles such as servants, advisors, and more will also feel at home in the House Staff.
    • Men at Arms
      The Military arm of House Calderon. The Men at Arms are where our dedicated Marial forces will branch. Any and all Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, or Tank players who intend to play combative roles, will find themselves beginning here. Men at Arms serve as House Guards, Professional Soldier, and more. NOTE: In House Calderon, we do not RP out combat, we play the game. Thus, all members of the Men at Arms are forced to participate in PVP. This is done specifically due to the nature of Ashes of Creation and the need to defend ourselves in the open world. A medieval military structure and life awaits you here as part of the Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and more.
    • Magisterium
      The men and women of the Magisterium will be new once we enter Verra, as magic was once thought lost. All Arcane focused archetypes: Mage, Cleric, and Summoners. Due to the volatile nature and mystery of the Essence. The House has formed this institution in the pursuit of mastery of magic. The Magisterium will have a religious background, as we make connection to the Gods and the Essence. Battle Mages will be trained to work alongside the Men at Arms as both combative and support roles. (Healers and Combat).
    • Guild Leadership positions running out!
      If you're seeking a guild to help grow in, but also help lead in. You're running out of time! Our positions of beginning supportive leadership are all being taken and to date, there is only one position left! Once this position is filled, we will only accept applications for people to join one of the three branches.

    While this is our most recent updates. Know that we are constantly discussing and seeing what we'd like to add. We are discussing other branches, and even elite branches such as a Knight Order you must work toward.

    We are looking to fill our ranks! Retainers, Workers, Peasants and more who wish to serve the House and join us in our quest to become one of the great houses of Verra. JOIN TODAY!

    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Greetings Ashes of Creation community forums!

    Today, I bring you great news from House Calderon. Our leadership has had our first official meeting, spending hours into the night world building, writing, and preparing for the next phase of the guild and our organization. We have thus further defined the guilds organization, and several key aspects we intend to spread with our intent.

    We have also cemented our first true Guild Alliance, and soon a great deal will come of it as we met with the other guilds leadership. More on this, at a later time.
    Guild Update
    • Guild Organization
      House Calderon is ultimately led by the Calderon family, but the specific leaders are defined as Branch Heads who oversee the different parts of the guild. Together, these Heads form the Calderon Court. A non Calderon may join the Court, but traditionally, we want a member of the family to lead.
    • Family Limitation
      We have decided that for the time being, no *NEW* Calderons will be added to the family itself. All our new members will be brought in under the House Calderon banner, but no one will be adopted into the family itself until game release. We will be creating criteria for becoming apart of the family itself at a later time.
    • Branches are homes, but not limitations
      As we in House Calderon continue to create, build, and place personnel into positions through the guild. We want to ensure that things feel structured, but organic enough to grow with the guild. The Branch system we are creating for Ashes of Creation is not rigid. Branches will cross each other and duties will meld. Branches will be homes of training, character development, archetypes, and story. However, the lines between them are fluid enough that we want to ensure the public knows that no one is restricted to solely the duties of one branch.
    • Men at Arms Update
      The Men at Arms leader has been named: Lord Commander Alenduil Calderon. The Lord Commander seeks willing foot soldiers not afraid of PVP, but willing to take the time to RP and hone their skills for the future wars to come.

      He has set the ambitious goal of creating a fighting force of *32* players. An array of dedicated Footmen, archers, and cavalry. The intent is not only to provide RP for our fighting force, but to train together for PVP where we will partake in Guild Wars, Node Wars, Sieges, and more. If you are a RP-PVPier, the Men at Arms could use you!

      NOTE: Arcane users are not separated! While for branch purposes, our primary magic users are in the Magisterium branch. We are designing methods to cross train, and provide all classes and RP styles the ability to fight.
    • Magisterium Update
      The Magisterium leader has been named: Court Mage Jericho Calderon. The Court Mage not only is the principle head of all things magic for the House. He is a religious guide and aid to our faith. It is this purpose that the Magisterium will be split into two sections

      -The Religious Cult of Shol: Hub of all priests, priestess, and clerics who will follow the faith of the God of Truth; Shol. Tasked with spreading the faith of the Seven, and providing religious aid to our House.

      -The Magic Arts: Hub of all Arcane archetypes in the House. Magic is new to all of us, and with it comes danger, but a journey for knowledge. The Magic Arts will teach new methods for magic, and we will all grow as magic users together.

      NOTE: Any person of the Magisterium who identifies their willingness to PVP, will be deemed a "Battle Mage" and be sent to work alongside the Men at Arms. Battle Mages will provide the magical half of our militant forces.
    • House Staff Update
      The House Staff leader has been named: Lord Hand Cruxx Calderon. The Hand is tasked with oversight of all House domestic affairs, and is the second in command of the House itself. Together, with their own direct subordinate: The House Steward, the Hand keeps the inner workings moving.

      House Staff has been split into three key groups, each will have their own tasks and respective leadership in the future as we grow.

      -Advisory Staff: Members who work directly with the Calderon Court, advising on matters of importance. These are specially selected individuals who are intensely knowledgeable, or highly skilled in a topic deemed important to the House. EX: House Financial Advisor (deals in coin and markets)

      -Working Staff: Members who do not live on the House Property, but work for us. These workers could be farmers, miners, animal handlers, traders, woodsmen, smiths, ect. They hold their own properties, but work under the protection and direction of House Calderon. (Artisan Classes pref!)

      -Personal Staff: Members who do live on the House Property, and typically stay close to the Calderon Family. These personal staff can be family servants, cooks, cup bearers, entertainers, musicians, attendants, or more. These individuals are hired to be with the Calderon Family.
    • New Branches
      We do wish to announce that besides the original 3 branches of the guild, we have actually decided to create 3 more! HOWEVER, there is a twist. The new three branches are "Elite" branches, that you CANNOT join directly as a new member. You must serve time in the guild, meet standards, and apply/meet requirements before joining them.
    • NEW BRANCH: The Knights
      The Knights are a noble order who intend to hold themselves to a code of chivalry. An individual MUST be Knighted by the head of House Calderon, to become a Knight of the House. *You can't show up as a Knight*. Knights will specialize in heavy armored engagement, and heavy cavalry. You must be willing, and wanting to charge into the enemy. (PVP is ALSO MANDATORY). Knights will PVP duel each other. Knights must train a heavy armored mount and will join the Men at Arms as Heavy Cavalry during war and campaigns.

      Requirements to join, are still being built. Knights led by Knight Commander Ser Arontinir Calderon
    • NEW BRANCH: The Vanguard
      There is a special mobile force being created by House Calderon. While there may be some with dreams of Knighthood, there are other who wish to do more than the typical Men at Arms infantry. This, is where the Vanguard comes. The first to fight. The tactical weapon. Being apart of the Vanguard means you are volunteering to go out, fight, maybe even die. A Scout Regiment of the Vanguard must be ready for raids, ambushes, and more. Do you feel up to the challenge?

      (Consider the Vanguard like our Special Forces. It will be a mobile team, our best, volunteering to do the more insane tasks for House Calderon)
      The Vanguard is led by Commander Dasyra Calderon

    • NEW BRANCH: Assassins
      There are times where secrecy is needed, the shadows come alive, and the walls listen. Every noble has their spies, and every good House has their secrets. The Assassins are hand picked individuals who will go out into the world of Verra to watch, listen, and if needed... Remove undesirables.

      (While appealing, stealth skills and other aspects need to be reviewed before requirements are put out.)
      Assassins are led by Master of Whispers Valathrion 'Cyphras' Calderon.
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Happy Saturday Ashes Community!

    It's been a good month since we at House Calderon updated, so let's get into it real quick. First, we want to thank several new members who joined. We are now slowly forming a base membership that will carry us into Alpha 2! We even have several Alpha 1 veterans who were able to share their experiences, which has been very insightful.

    I am happy to share we have also had our first successful Guild Town Hall which serves as a meeting, gathering, discussion night where we: Review the latest dev update, discuss the guild and our plans going forward, and open floor for discussion to all members. It was a good first chance to hear everyone in voice who could show up, but also take account of all we're trying to do.

    We eagerly await the next dev update coming October 28 in 6 short days! After every dev update, we will be having a Guild Town Hall. If you are looking for a guild with an active base and presence. Look no further!

    We are also beginning to flex our RP muscles. A dedicated Discord RP area has been well used! One of our members Galvyr, has even taken it upon himself to world build maps, and create digital models of places to assist in RP. We highly encourage our members to RP and get to know one another prior to our trials in Verra.

    We will be beginning a Game Night soon, which will be at least once or twice a month leading up to Alpha 2. Many of our members already play together, and we hope to encourage more cooperative play within the guild.

    All Branches need members!
    There is a major shortage across the entire guild. No archetype is overlooked! We need hopeful members who are looking to join a guild who want to develop characters, tell amazing stories, and join the saga that is our House.
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Thoghli RamheartThoghli Ramheart Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    May ye house beh blessed with barrels of fine brew. I would say beard but none can match the likes of our kin!
    Matriarch Thoghli Ramheart
    Dünhold Discord
    Dünhold Website
  • Greetings wonderful Ashes community!

    House Calderon has made further strides to continue to be active, opening new discussions over discord about our desires in game, starting fun game nights together, and beginning a temporary MMO adventure whilst we await Ashes of Creation.

    We are discussing as a guild our guild goals. Transparency is important for the leadership of HC, so we are getting every members input to ensure we get the most well rounded and happy membership we can. Everything from early goals, individual hopes & dreams, and building further framework for our branches.

    We have begun game nights were at least twice a month, we will get together to play online together. Nothing is limited, and we've already played RTS games, Halo Infinite, and more.

    Lastly, we have as a guild, begun to play New World as a means of being together in a MMO environment as we eagerly await Ashes. A chance for players to play, enjoy, and start internal RP together besides the ever expanding Discord RPies we have going on.

    Join us today, and make your mark in the early development of House Calderon! Every branch needs members! Every branch needs future and current staff!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Seasons greetings and Happy Holidays from House Calderon!

    We are enduring the winter months, with a majority of the guild spending time with family and friends. We enjoyed the final video of the year for Ashes of Creation. As we close 2022, we are happy and prepared to begin gathering the guild for what is to come in the new year.

    See everyone in 2023!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Happy New Years from us at House Calderon! 2022 was a great year for us, building the guild up, establishing our branches, and getting our first members. We look forward to the coming year and the hopeful coming of Alpha 2!
    We have plans to shift things and make additional additions and changes to the guild as we move forward. Now is a great time to join as we stand up organization for House Calderon.

    The House is looking for all kinds of players. Martial, Magical, and Support characters who are looking to find a home will find no better place then the Calderon Household!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings fellow Ashes community, and welcome to 2023!

    House Calderon is ever expanding, as we slowly gain new members, we have met to begin further fleshing out the guild by creating a brand new Branch/Path system! Branches in HC are defined as major groupings that make up the entire Guild. These 3 Branches are House Staff, Men at Arms, and Magisterium with a focus on the 3 key game class groups. Artisian Classes, Martial Classes, and Arcane Classes. They also fill RP roles and group RP genres together, hosting events in those specific themes. Branch Officers are members of the Calderon Court and help lead the guild.

    The Paths each Branch has will vary, with some being more or less populated. Some Paths will be locked until you reach a certain rank, or a prerequisite is done in RP. Paths will be led by Path Officers, who with their own subordinate staff, help manage each piece of the overall branch.

    Each Path is unique and follows its own storylines, adventures, goals, and mission within the guild. All Paths and all Branches work together in unison for overall Guild goals, and guild missions.

    We are also happy to announce we have created a new ranking structure to allow individuals to already begin working toward advancement in the guild. Activity in discord, helping build the guild, and playing games prior to A2 will help earn you early rank with us. We are actively seeking junior leaders who want to build the House Calderon experience with us. However, we are not accepting new Calderon family members at this time.

    House Calderon ever grows and expands, we hope you will consider us for your Ashes of Creation home. We need RPiers in all Paths! Join today!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Another good greetings Ashes community!

    House Calderon is continually seeking new members, but we are especially seeking out members for our Men at Arms and Magisterium branches!

    Current roles sought are: Soldiers (RP-PVP), Mages, Priests/Priestess, and Healers.

    We are in great need of those who are looking for a Soldier/Guard RP experience, with intentions of patrolling and working around a node. Those who aren't afraid of PVP, and willing to fight the good fight for House and Kingdom.

    Looking for a Mage experiences? Our Magisterium branch is planning to host a Magic school that will grow organically once we get in game at Verra. Learning about the Essence as we RP and play the game. An engaging experience for any Mage, Cleric, Summoner, and even Bards!

    We are also seeking one or two Priests/Priestess to join our High Priestess in Religious RP as we build up our guilds relationship to the divines. Our patron god is Shol; The God of Truth, and we are world building how we best associate with that. If you want to help in that, we are seeking two acolytes to work toward Priesthood!

    We have a variety of RP opportunities and a Discord RP and campaigns planned to keep us occupied waiting for Alpha 2, but we are also playing many different games as well! A few of us picked up Sea of Thieves, Stellaris, and other games as we eagerly await Ashes of Creation. Join us today, and get a spot in the House!

    Join today!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • With the new tank mechanics being introduced this week, House Calderon members have been discussing the fun and interesting ways that the mechanics can be implemented in both game and roleplaying situations. Either it be in our RP-PvP heavy Soldiers branch or our Knights.

    Currently, for those who aspire for greatness, some members will be selected to become apart of the lower nobility as a Knight. Knights, being compromised of our heavy cavalry and heavily armored units will help pave the way in PvP while retaining duties of the lower nobility through RP in House Calderon lands.

    Come and join the world-building as we press forward to Alpha 2!
  • GalvyrGalvyr Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Greetings Brave Heroes,

    I am Ser Galvyr Goldengreen, Captain of the Household Guard for House Calderon, and I invite you to join the ranks of an ancient and accomplished noble family. We need Sailors, Battle-Mages, Soldiers, Healers, Animal Handlers, and Advisors as we navigate new and exciting adventures.

    We are currently RPing on Sanctus and are building backstory and setting up storylines. Join us for a fun and collaborative storytelling experience.

    I joined House Calderon back in August by searching the forums and couldn't ask for a better group of people. They are incredibly welcoming and actually listen to their members, so if you want to be part of an RP guild with a great community; then House Calderon is the right place for you.
  • ChimeChime Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    Hi everyone, just wanted to give a shout out! Loving this guild so far, they've made me feel so welcome and we are pretty active. Currently we have an arc going on with 3 separate groups until our next one. My character isn't in the main house, but actually a commoner on their lands. Being able to help build our world of Sanctus until Vera opens up is definitely helping several of us build backstories for characters.

    If you're interested, let Riji know!
    "Bravery only means something to those who are afraid of death."
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings greater Ashes of Creation community!

    House Calderon has been exploding with activity, building on our lore and world building through our Role Play in Sanctus via Discord RP! We just had a guild wide meeting we call "Town Halls" where all guild members got together to discuss the recent dev updates, and what the guild is planning moving forward.

    Ambitious as we are, we have made guild wide choices as a guild instead of it being in the hands of only a few. HC Leadership believes in transparency and a hands on, organic approach to guild development.

    The guild is currently seeking the following roles to be filled:

    Stable Hand - House Staff
    Job description: The horses and other mounts belonging to the house need management, training, and raising.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Focus in Animal Husbandry with focus on Mounts
    -Knowledge on raising animals, especially mounts and their upkeep IC
    -Taming wild animals and creatures for mounts

    Soldier - Men at Arms (PVP)
    Job description: A soldier that is a part of House Calderon's professional fighting force. They will swear an oath to defend the house against all enemies and live a martial lifestyle. Duties will include guarding House Calderon territory, property, and personnel. Will be following a military lifestyle.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Primary Class be Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, or Tank
    -Combat focused
    -Men at Arms entry position

    Slots available: 20
    Battle-Mage - Magisterium / Men at Arms (PVP role)
    Job description: A combat focused mage. They are a member of House Calderon's professional fighting force. Their presence on the battlefield is sure to make an enemy think twice, utilizing the power of the Essence in combat. They work directly with and under the Men at Arms when fighting.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Primary class be Mage
    -Combat focused

    Slots available: 5
    Healers - Magisterium
    Job description: The House's medical experts. They will be the ones the house forces go to when in need of a gentle hand to mend wounds. Utilizing the Essence, Potions, elixirs, or other herbal medicines. A Healer's purpose to the House is to save lives, and cure ailments.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Primary class be Cleric
    -Can be combat focused or non combat focused
    -Does not need to be magic based, but preferred
    Mage Student - Magisterium
    Job description: The House's Magisterium branch will be exploring, learning, and delving deeply into the mystery of the Essence. Magic in Verra will be new, and it will take research, study, and a keen mind to master its secrets. All Magically inclined individuals must start somewhere. This is the path.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Primary class be Mage, Summoner, Cleric, or Bard
    -Magisterium entry position for Magical Arts
    Chantry Acolyte - Magisterium
    Job description: The Chantry is the name for the priesthood attached to the Calderon family. A devoted group of worshippers and guides to the divine gods and goddesses. Guiding the House to stay aligned with the ancient teachings and ways of the divines.

    Preferred requirements
    -Primary class be Cleric, or other Arcane class.
    -Chantry entry position
    -Ceremonial role

    Slots available: 3
    Servant - House Staff
    Job description: The House Staff's worker class seeks servants who wish to assist in the day to day running and upkeep of the Calderon estate. These individuals will be set to assist the Calderon family, joining them on excursions away from home, and providing social support.

    Preferred requirements
    -Any class, non-combat role
    -Social RP focus
    -Would RP living in the Calderon family home/freehold

    Slots available: 3
    Farmer - House Staff
    Job description: The House Staff seeks to employ Commoners to the House Calderon lands to farm. Gathering, Processing, and Crafting of Plants and Animals on provided Calderon lands, or deeded personal land.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Taking the Farming artisan class
    -Focusing on gathering and crafting the compliments farming
    -Willingness to RP a commoner on Calderon lands.
    Commoners - House Staff
    Job description: Citizens whom swear oath of fealty to House Calderon will be considered commoners and be allowed to live, and stay on Calderon lands (Freeholds) and within House Calderon's sphere of influence. Commoners may live as they wish, freely, with conditions they may be asked to perform tasks for the good of the realm.

    Preferred requirements:
    -Intent to live on/near House Calderon freeholds or a node
    -Open up businesses and live under House Calderon guidance
    -RP citizens of HC

    We hope you consider HC as your home for Ashes of Creation!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Ahoy,
    I am Rex Tais, a traveler guided by the stars, hoping to expand my knowledge of the world through study and experience! The Magisterium seems to share these goals with me, and I set sail hoping to become one of their rank. Together, I hope to explore the mysteries of the world before us to the fullest and beyond.

    Just recently joined this guild. I had a fun time discovering Ashes and guild lore as I made my character!
  • GalvyrGalvyr Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    Greetings Champions,

    Ser Galvyr of House Goldengreen, the Knight-Captain of the Guard for House Calderon, speaking. We have had an influx of new members lately, which is most exciting. We are still building up Sanctus lore while we prepare for Alpha 2. It is an active and open creative process with many opportunities to shine. I myself joined back in August and have had such a fulfilling experience worldbuilding with my fellow members.

    Join us and leave your mark on Sanctus before we venture into Verra! Adventure with House Calderon!
  • hammerwinghammerwing Member
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    Hello mates!

    Can I ask why the limit for men of arms to be 20? :)
  • RijiRiji Member
    hammerwing wrote: »
    Hello mates!

    Can I ask why the limit for men of arms to be 20? :)

    Thank you for the question!

    Our Men at Arms and all branches are actually not fully locked to a specific number. The 20 player count is our "goal" for Alpha 2, but we certainly will encourage and strive for more!

    All Branches are open and ready for recruits and each has "goals" we want to fill
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Riji wrote: »
    hammerwing wrote: »
    Hello mates!

    Can I ask why the limit for men of arms to be 20? :)

    Thank you for the question!

    Our Men at Arms and all branches are actually not fully locked to a specific number. The 20 player count is our "goal" for Alpha 2, but we certainly will encourage and strive for more!

    All Branches are open and ready for recruits and each has "goals" we want to fill

    Okay! This make much more sense. :) I was thinking how you'd stay competitive in PvP if you limited yourself like this but this is cool. Thanks!
  • RijiRiji Member
    hammerwing wrote: »
    Riji wrote: »
    hammerwing wrote: »
    Hello mates!

    Can I ask why the limit for men of arms to be 20? :)

    Thank you for the question!

    Our Men at Arms and all branches are actually not fully locked to a specific number. The 20 player count is our "goal" for Alpha 2, but we certainly will encourage and strive for more!

    All Branches are open and ready for recruits and each has "goals" we want to fill

    Okay! This make much more sense. :) I was thinking how you'd stay competitive in PvP if you limited yourself like this but this is cool. Thanks!

    PVP is a cornerstone for us for sure! Competitively, we want to work on a core of our Army and build us up as we learn the game. RP is our primary concern, but the Men at Arms as a RP-PVP force will always work toward keeping a PVP edge as much as possible!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
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    Greetings Ashes family and friends!

    Today is a proud day for House Calderon. Today we officially announce our Website!!!

    The website is apart of the Novus Gaming Community, a Community created by myself, and the other leaders of House Calderon who are also leaders of our sister project for another MMO title. Here on this website, you can find deeper lore information, information on our 3 branches we call Paths; The Army, Magisterium, and Serfdom.

    Speaking of which, we have made massive changes to the guild, and have now fleshed out the structure of the guild.
    Guild Update

    ⚔️ - The Army, we now have a full makeup of how we want the Men at Arms to be employed. Which we will test come A2. A full disclosure of the Army chain of command and organization will be released shortly.

    Knight and Vanguard will now have their prerequisits cleanly stated so players who join the Men at Arms can work toward that RP goal.

    ✨ - Magisterium now will enjoy a fully organized Chantry and the old Mage Section, has been renamed Essence Academy which will now break down exactly how HC magic users will train, develop, and explore their power in the Essence on Verra.

    Chantry will also have defined organization, and how you join, and develop a character in the religious faith of the House.

    House Staff has been renamed. Now 🏰 - Serfdom. Expanding the concept beyond just those tied to the Calderon Family, Serfdom will explore two avenues of Arsitian and Social RPiers.

    The old Advisors and Workers sections are replaced with the new single House Staff Section. These RPiers will be those who directly RP with and support Calderon Family RP. Our cooks, servants, and more will fill out this section.

    Commoners has been made into Citizens to explore a new concept for the guild. A system I invented called The Patron system this system will be core to Citizens, but also expand beyond it, and the Serfdom branch, allowing players in our guild to freely grow, develop their characters, and build a lasting legacy that we can share together. Encouragement for individuals to build businesses, homes, families, and more under the watchful guidance and protection of the Calderon Family and House.

    Speaking on the new Patron System we have provided a little google slides power point to review how we will be dealing with social hierarchy of the guild.

    House Calderon is becoming larger, more ambitious, and we slowly are getting members. We need *YOU* to make our dream of a noble house complete. We are aiming to be ambitious, and a great house that will be remembered in RP and across the world of Verra. Join us today, and join the movement as we come ever closer to Ashes of Creation.
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • Greetings fellow adventurers,

    I am Jericho, elder brother of Lord Riji, scholar of the Essence. I am pleased to announce that House Calderon has received even more new members over the last month! Our guild is focused on a great many things. My branch, the Magisterium, focuses on magical research and exploration of that research in the field. We take pride in our scholarship.

    As a scholar of the Essence, I have dedicated my life to the study of magical energies and their properties. Through my research, I have developed a deep understanding of the mysteries of the universe, and I am excited to share my knowledge with others.

    In addition to my role as a leader in magical research, I also take pride in my leadership of our guild. We have recently revamped our structure, and are actively engaged in worldbuilding and roleplaying. We believe that telling stories together, playing games, and having fun is just as important as our scholarly pursuits.

    We have fostered a healthy, safe community where everyone is welcome to express themselves and share their ideas. House Calderon is a place where you can explore your creativity, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the world of magic and adventure.

    So, if you are interested in joining our guild of scholars, explorers, knights, servants, nobles, and common folk please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always looking for new members who are passionate about magic, roleplaying, and having fun!

    Will you aid in understanding powers once thought lost? Join House Calderon today!
  • RijiRiji Member
    House Calderon just hit 5 full members of our Army! Dedicated warriors to the art of war, ready and willing to PVP against the enemies of our House.

    We are also happy to say we just had our latest Town Hall, discussing the Tower of Carphin and new info for Alpha 2. We discuss the guild in an open forum monthly basis, but also have constant and weekly game nights, RP sessions, and soon will begin table top nights.

    House Calderon continually looks to grow, and go beyond! Join us in the RP community or make your mark!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • CruxxCruxx Member
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    "Who goes there!? Oh... it’s you. No, won't you come in? You’ve already barged in, might as well commit to the purpose of your visit, and pay no mind to the clutter. Managing an estate of this size is quite an undertaking and my late father certainly did me no such favors when it comes to balancing books.

    If you’re looking for Dior Calderon, Castellan Lord Riji and the youngest of the Calderon Brothers, well you found him. But “Cruxx” will do just fine. Seems you’re here today with an invitation to join our esteemed guild, House Calderon.

    As you may know, I manage the Staff, which is responsible for overseeing all the affairs at Salhaven, our massive estate on Sanctus. Running an estate of this size is no easy task, and we are always in need of skilled individuals to help us manage its day-to-day operations.

    But it's not all work and no play here at House Calderon. As a member of our guild, you will have the opportunity to engage in all sorts of social roleplaying fun, from attending lavish parties and balls to interacting with the nobles of Sanctus. And of course, there is always intrigue and excitement to be had when working with the various factions and groups on our lands.

    We are looking for a diverse group of individuals to join our ranks, each with their own unique set of skills and talents. Whether you are a skilled diplomat, a cunning socialite, a fierce warrior, or a master craftsman, there is a place for you here at House Calderon.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and help us build a better future for the people of Sanctus. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that House Calderon remains a force to be reckoned with for generations to come... I need someone to balance the books for me.
    May Shol guide your path!"

    Cruxx Calderon, Castellan of House Calderon
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings friends of Ashes of Creation!

    House Calderon continues to strive for greatness as we steadily grow and expand our scope and set new goals for ourselves.

    House Calderon accepting EU!
    There have questions asked if House Calderon would ever accept EU members, and with our first official EU member today. We happily announce that yes, we will now be accepting EU members so long as you understand the majority of current leadership, are NA players. We will be following the server that the Ashes of Creation RP community goes to, so we aren't bound entirely by region.

    New community games!

    While we await Ashes of Creation. House Calderon is playing a variety of games. A Barotrauma campaign has begun hosted by our High Priestess. Lord Calderon himself will be hosting an Ark: Survival Evolved server. And we have fun party games hosted by Knight Galvyr.

    House Calderon excites about Mages!

    Magic is a beautiful new concept with the mystery of the Essence. The House Calderon Essence Academy plans to tackle the great challenge of the Essence and dive deeper into interactive character development. We are looking for players who want a unique take on how magic will be utilized and help us discover how magic can be used to the benefit of the House.

    Join us at House Calderon today. Tell your story. Share in the experience. The realm needs us, and House Calderon will answer!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
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    Greetings glorious Ashes of Creation community!

    House Calderon would like to welcome May and the approach of Summer with a few announcements!
    Men-At-Arms forms first formation

    The arrival of a new member has allowed House Calderon to create our first fighting unit. A Section! The Men-At-Arms of our Army operate both IC and OOC in units that we plan to deploy in various sized formations. We have now grown enough to form the first unit, and soon a larger formation will take shape as we continue to grow organically overtime. We are looking to form a Cohort (8 players) through the summer!

    We are hoping to find those who are looking for a Military and Guard style RP, going on frequent patrols around our home node, upholding the law of the realm, and working together in units and teams.

    The Men-At-Arms needs every able body for the fight ahead, as we aim to bring a balance of quality RP character development, with the drive and focus of honing skill for PVP and PVE content.

    The Magisterium Expands

    The new Mage archetype showcase has certainly brought forth an intrigue in magic. We have gained a new student of the Essence Academy, and a new acolyte of the Chantry. Both orders of the guild branch Magisterium focus on the pursuit of the Essence, but both differ in their goals. The Essence Academy is seeking new students and scholars in the pursuit of knowledge and magic. New wizards, mages, witches, and warlocks to be trained once we arrive to Verra. The Chantry on the other hand, is House Calderon's extension of the Church of the Seven. The Chantry seeks new Acolytes to become Priests and Priestesses to the divine Gods and Goddesses to which we owe all.

    If either pursuit interests you, join our Magisterium branch and seek out a deeper RP in the Essence.

    Expanded Discord RP

    The growing numbers of House Calderon demands RP space. We have not committed to a single MMO to play, with different players joining to play various games such as ESO, BDO, FFXIV, and more. However, we have a dedicated Discord RP space that is about to grow!

    The current House Calderon narrative is centered on our Sanctus story, a sort of prequel to our time in game, on Verra. We have multiple forums and channels,dedicated to this effort, with a new addition of various settlements, social spaces, and more open for RP. We have also about to start an Underrealm RP section which takes place on Verra for our Tulnar characters, who sadly cannot be with us in the main Sanctus story. This side story will allow our Tulnar characters to get to know one another and build up events to the meeting of our characters once we reach Verra in game.

    House Calderon's Sanctus Story Update
    It is the 1st Year after the death of the liege lord, Lethelos Calderon in the lands known as the Cauldron on Sanctus. The region is marred by division, increased banditry, and disorder. Lethelos left in his wake a land in disarray, with his eldest son taking a vow to the gods and a pursuit of knowledge, the Calderon lordship fell to middle son; Riji Decimus. Taking up the family sword; Drakefang, the new Lord struggles to repay debts, old oaths, and bring together a fractured land. Slowly, new soldiers, servants, and students of faith rally to the banner of House Calderon. A war in the neighboring County calls the House to rally. Dangers in the Serngrove, the nearby forest, require constant watch. Now, whispers of greater threats around the nearby Lake stir the local citizenry to panic. The time grows near for House Calderon to make its move, and return its family to its rightful status. The land of the Cauldron must be brought to order.

    Join House Calderon today, and join our growing narrative! Branches that need every kind of player, dedicated to long lasting community and character development. Stories that carry weight, and characters that you can depend on. House Calderon needs you!
    Lord of House CalderonHeavy RP-PvXHouse Calderon Discord:
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