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[NA] House Calderon | 18+ Heavy RP-PVX | Node building/ Noble RP/ Military/ Social

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[NA] House Calderon | 18+ Heavy RP-PVX | Node building | Noble RP | Military | Social
Welcome to House Calderon! We are a 18+ Heavy RP-PvX guild, with a focus around Noble House RP. This guild centers around the Calderon Family, a noble house of Kaelar, and Empyrean origins. We first and foremost, are a community of adults, who seek to tell a story. The officers of the guild who makeup the Calderon Family have worked together in MMOs with an over 10 year record of experience from previous MMOs.

What we seek
-We seek Community to find a node to call home, and pledge our House to a liege who will honor our house with land and title.
-We seek Growth through Land, a Freehold, or Manor in which to establish our House as a lasting influence in a region.
-We seek Glory, knowing that we will not merely hold to our estate, but journey forth and fight in both PvP and PvE wherever the need arises. Be it to defend our land from raiders, rally to our node against enemies, or be called upon for war.
-We seek Family to nurture those who would call themselves Calderon, and to build a network of friends and allies.
-We seek Loyalty from those who would swear an oath to House Calderon. Banners who will answer the call and see our House as a symbol to rally to.

-Claim land either in a Freehold or in a node Village or City
-Become influential and a leading House of our area
-Serve our Liege, our sworn King, and the realm
-Raise our own family and all families who swear to House Calderon together in a community
-RP is a primary, with PvX content supported along with raids.
-Build a PvP ready small force for the House to lead.

What we offer
- Open, honest, and transparent leadership.
- Over 10 years of experience in previous MMO's
- A story-driven and player-focused guild
- An opportunity for you, the player, to be a founding member of an immersive, growing, and active community.
- Multiple paths to fit your playstyle.
- Progression within House Calderon for outstanding members

Join House Calderon, and venture forth into Verra together.

How to find us

Badkamikaze#9625 on discord
Riji#6431 on discord

Lord of House Calderon
Heavy RP-PvX
House Calderon Discord:


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    Welcome on in Lord Calderon!

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    Greetings Ashes community! I'd like to take a moment to better detail where we are heading for House Calderon for those prospective newcomers looking into us.

    First off, we have begun to get our starting membership! We are looking for faithful members who want to invest in the guild for future Officer positions as we grow and better develop. Right now, there is a single Leadership role we are looking to fill: House Steward who will head and aid the current Family Leadership in running the House Staff.

    We are fleshing out the guilds organization, and more will be posted here as this becomes more concrete. Right now, there are several sections of the guild being discussed, but nothing is set.

    House Noble Family: The Calderon Family as the guilds namesake, is the core sect of the guild, comprised of the founding members of the guild, and those who we welcome into the family. We will be following the games family mechanics, and also be accepting branch families in the future that is required by gameplay.

    Men at Arms: The House's military force, all Men at Arms regardless of class are forced to PVP. We in House Calderon do not believe a combatant in Ashes of Creation should be limited to merely their RP abilities, but their ability to be combative in game. We will therefore require our formal military force, to participate in PVP. This will be key when we involve ourselves in Node Warfare, Guild Warfare, and Duels.

    House Staff: The House Staff are Non Combatives by nature, and makeup the workers of the house or those who focus on their non combative duties. House Cooks, Servants, Stablehands, Musicians, and more. This is where our PVE population will reside and those focusing on Artisian Skills like crafting and gathering.

    Currently unnamed Religion/Magic Order: We are currently deciding the name of this, but this is a nice in between. This section of the guild is religious based and will include our Clerics, Mages, and Summoners. Since Magic itself will be only rediscovered in Verra, the basis of this section will be in our House's faith, but will explore magic as we grow. Priests/Priestess, Mages, Battle Mages (to loan out to the Men at Arms) and others will feel welcome here.

    Vassals: Not everyone will feel the need to be right under the House as part of the direct Family, our Men at Arms serving in our Army, part of the House Staff, or even part of our Religious Order. Some, may choose to be in the guild, but be separated. This is where we will allow vassalage. Families (mechanic wise) will pledge an oath of fealty to us and enter into a serfdom to House Calderon. This will give individuals the freedom they desire, but the comfort of being under House Calderon's sphere of influence.

    Lastly, we do wish to publicly announce that we have sworn House Calderon as a family and guild, to the service of Anduin Kayvaan of the Grey Sentinels. He, by all intents and purposes In Character, is our Liege Lord, and House Calderon will defend House Kayvaan.

    Each week I will be updating our progress and intentions! All House Calderon family currently have Alpha 2 access, and we are excited to move forward!
    Lord of House Calderon
    Heavy RP-PvX
    House Calderon Discord:
  • RijiRiji Member
    Greetings Ashes Community!

    House Calderon is getting ready for the next livestream next week, pumped for new updates.

    We have decided and named our Magic order The Magisterium after a small vote from our membership. We are looking for Mages, Summoners, and Clerics to fill the ranks of this order, sworn to House Calderon.

    We are also looking specifically for those who are looking to focus on Artisian skills. Crafting and other means to help make the guild profitable. The House seeks a Smith who wishes to work the family forge and we also are looking for a Stable Master who will help raise, maintain, and train mounts for the guild.

    There are RP focused, PVP focused, and PVE focused professions throughout the guild. We are looking for future leaders who can lead these different parts with us as well. Inquire in our discord.

    More to come soon!
    Lord of House Calderon
    Heavy RP-PvX
    House Calderon Discord:
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