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Idea: Legendary Equipment questline

RymRym Member
edited June 2022 in General Discussion
Just an idea I had for acquiring legendary Equipment, in this case the weapon.

The idea basically starts with a beginning quest, the questline itself is long, taking months of effort to accomplish. It's not exactly timegated, but requires both extremely high skill from the player and extremely rare materials that are gathered and can be sold by gatherers.

The questline would begin with a fair warning:

- This journey is meant for pro adventurers, it will test and hone your skills to the extreme, some adventurers will break under the stress, while others will give up. Are you sure you wish to undertake this journey?

For the difficulty... I'd rank this as a rank S+ adventure, similar in difficulty to getting The Necromancer title in FFXIV.

The questline itself would take you across the world, having you kill bosses, sometimes with a group, other times the quest won't progress unless you solo kill the boss.

Sometimes you'd have to go into forgotten caves filled with traps and dangerous elites, in all cases mistakes would often lead to death.

Of course, such encounters with bosses and the cave entrances would also require specific seasons to be available. Some bosses would be available during spring, others during winter. Some cave entrances would be impossible to reach during summer, but accessible during autumn.

Some legendary gatherables would also be available only during specific seasons, and may even have small minigames towards gathering them successfully. Those wouldn't be specifically quest related though, and could be sold at high prices due to their rarity.

Of course, moving forward would include PvP as well, such as reaching high ranking in sieges, and hunting players of various corruption levels in the open field.

Some of these quests would also have as goals reaching places through parkour, some of these requiring nearly pixel perfect jumps.

Reaching the end of the questline would give the player a single legendary ingredient:

Proof of A Legendary Adventurer or something.
"The proof of an adventurer of the highest ranking, who has challenged the gods and came out victorious. Found in myth and legend, this proof is sought after by adventurers all over the world, kings and queens would be willing to trade their entire kingdoms for a single one of these emblems."

...and it's sellable. One single proof per account, even per HWID to prevent refarming. You could use this proof to craft a weapon, or sell it for untold fortune. Of course, it would be linked forever to the character it's farmed on, and stealing it would be very easily visible to the support team. You could pawn it in an emergency for a ton of money but you'd need to pay back the same sum to get it back, or sell it to other adventurers on the auction house for a fortune.

The weapon itself would obviously be a legendary weapon, it's appearance unique forever. Nothing would get close to it. It would be unparalleled in power for quite a long while, one or two expansions, of course it could afterwards be used as a prestige skin.

All in all, from level 1 to getting it... I'd say it would take around one year on average? Maybe less.

Anyway, it's just an idea it had. I don't think anything will come out of it, or if ppl even like such challenges.
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