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Node City-States

I would really like City-States in Ashes of Creation

We can keep all the boring vassal stuff in the design and can even keep the locking of node development. That's all fine and dandy, but what I really wish they would add is for a node to battle for its independence. If a node wanted, it could get some friends to help it win a civil war... not to grow exactly, but to simply sever ties with its parent node. This would change the economy of said node, allow it to make its own alliances, and ultimately let it siege its former parent.

I guess the one problem with this idea is the balancing that goes into the economy of a metropolis node. I assume that the taxes taken from vassal nodes will be crucial to a metropolis and allowing for the lack of said taxes might open up a can of worms. On the other hand, I think this could the politics more interesting, considering that a metropolis might very much want vassal nodes and would war at length to keep or regain these lower level nodes in its area of influence.

What do you guys think? Personally, I just hate that the only way I can create change in my node is to remove my citizenship-which is tied to my house-and help some other node defeat my node's parent. I feel as though political autonomy is very important in a game like Ashes, whose core feature is a dynamic world.
original topic that brought this up in 2020 but didn't really do it for me

P.S. I realize this is an old topic, but I really feel like this is an important issue. I want to know the reasons behind why Ashes isn't doing this. Has Steven already stomped his foot down on this topic?


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    tautautautau Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    You can already do this with the current design. Simply siege the master node and your node can grow to take its place...exactly what you want to happen.
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    tautau wrote: »
    You can already do this with the current design. Simply siege the master node and your node can grow to take its place...exactly what you want to happen.

    I don't think a vassal node can start a siege on its parent. You can join a seige (or refuse to defend the parent), however.

    "Vassal nodes cannot declare war on their parent node or any of their vassals.[1]"
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    SweatycupSweatycup Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited June 2022
    There is nothing "Boring" about being or having vassals. This game revolves around city politics, it creates dynamic and gameplay into other systems. It feeds the whole both ways with the nodes. That said, i do support your position on this. I think sending a emissary/diplomat to said enemy kingdom and having them throw a vote in enemy kingdom to liberate said angry vassal is crucial at times. If you are just a slave to the node the politics are A-symmetrical and only lean on itself without interaction from other said kingdoms. Yes you can siege another node but behind the pvp is politics. You would probably need to have the Guild Leader there, present, and proven for either by signing a document in the enemy capital building to initiate the war for proclamation (After that kingdom and vassals approved). If you don't need to be present it might create issues if said kingdom is constantly feigning for a enemy vassal just to stir the pot. While that does sound amusing i see no reason to try to bate a enemy into a fight and ruin other guilds gameplay when said parent node finds out. The parent node needs to have ways to be held accountable with options for vassals not just to be liberated by a neighbor kingdom but to be given a period to leave properly and reclaim some resources or sell and transfer ownership of buildings to a new owner before they leave said parent node. We need ways out of bad relationships. I also think that however the Parent node should be able to vote to kick a vassal out with/or without votes from other vassals. Then should be given time to leave. Maybe a week to two weeks to vacate peacefully. Again can sell buildings to new owners or reclaim some resources from buildings and tear them down over a decent enough duration, kinda like a chore but not a break backing chore.
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    DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2022
    Civil war is not the only way to create change in a Node where you have citizenship.
    You can help replace Mayor. Easiest in Scientific Nodes - since that is decided by vote.
    You can try to change the dominant race of the Node.
    And you can participate in Religions and Social Orgs.
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