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Voyager Plus Pack

JaimesJaimes Member
edited June 2022 in Support & FAQ
I tried asking in the discord and got told I would need to ask intrepid as it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. I am not sure if this is the right place or not to ask but the question is below:

For the cosmetic costumes in the Voyager Plus packs, are you able to apply these no matter what armour type you are wearing (mage robe cosmetic on a tank with plate armour)? Or are they specific, such as plate cosmetic costumes for plate armour and mage robes cosmetic for cloth armour etc.

If its the second option how do we know which ones are for what type before purchasing without needing to guess?

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  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Answer ✓
    The cosmetic costumes sold in the packages or that were part of crowdfunding are full appearance one piece items. They can be put on any point in the paperdoll. They do NOT require you to own the same type of gear to be worn. The individual piece transmogs like the bracers, rings, backpack items and such that are sold require you to have the relevant piece to skin. This, like many other pieces of information are available on the wiki.


  • JaimesJaimes Member
    Thank you for answering my question, I also got an answer in the discord that was really helpful too.

    Just FYI I did check the wiki before asking and still do not see the information specific to my question in the wiki, but appreciate you answering my question and helping me. :smile:
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