Rouges Assemble!


<img src="" alt="Ranged Rouge" />


  • <img src="" alt="Ranged Rouge" />
  • <img src="" alt="Ranged Rouge" />
  • Altaïr+ Green Arrow combo? :thinking:
  • Rogue power!!!!

    Venoms & hidden... wuakaaaaa
  • Rogues are always a pain. The stuns and DOT's are a right git. Usually pretty squishy though so it generally takes a bit of skill to be successful with them.
  • Love to see this with some colour/texture....I know...SOON :)
  • OMG!! Thats actually pretty lit Riv!! Needs to put in some textures, color and dynamics now! I expect more!
  • Stalking the target(s), waiting for the perfect time to strike within your advantage. This is a class I'm looking forward to although hopefully the rouge can fight up front (with evades or parries) and still survive.
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