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A Question About Local Pricing

C2GC2G Member
edited June 2022 in Support & FAQ
I really liked this game but i have 2 questions;
- The cheapest Pre-Order price is 150$, its 2.503 Turkish Liras for us. And the game time price is 15$ per month, thats exacly 250 Turkish Liras.
In Tukey the minimum wage is 4.253 Turkish Liras, So that will be impossible to play for most Turkish players.

-Will there be local pricing ?
-Can we buy gametime with in game currency ?


  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    1. There are plans to offer a harmonized subscription prize for some selected countries. There's no info yet on which countries will get that option. You can read more about that here.

    2. No, it will not be possible to buy sub-time with in-game currency, but it can be purchased with embers.

    I'm closing this thread now, but please feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions!
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