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A system to obtain Dyes for gear (from recent discussion)

Hi, i don't believe people have brought this up, but I'd absolutely LOVE for dyes to dye your gear to be CRAFTABLE/GATHERABLE/LOOTABLE from monsters/farming skill then brewed by chemistry/alchemy skill.

I'm sure this will be some kind of ingame feature like click on a Wardrobe and you can change your appearance, but what if you could unlock/stock up on dyes for that by in-game gameplay means? I feel like that would be the best of both worlds - It would enrich gameplay, give more goods that will always be relevant no matter the power creep, and might even help to stave off some power creep if more rare and exotic dye materials are relegated to boss drops, instead of the next biggest axe.

For example, a faerie dragon dropping a majestic viridian gland which produces a dye that looks like a really vibrant emerald colored dye with tiny sparkles like if it's covered in actual gems.

The amounts of dyes can be anywhere from needing a bottle of dye for each piece of gear to generous volumes/liters of paint to cover several sets, i'd welcome your input on any aspect of this.

Dyes would also allow for mixing of colors.

Dyes could also be limited to certain gear pieces, maybe cloth items only, or maybe even used during crafting of cloth equipment as an optional material to make the base color of the cloth item what you choose.

As an example i can bring up OSRS: making red/green/yellow dyes, which can be mixed to orange, green or purple, and then applied to simple capes, and used in an early quest to color some goblin armor.


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    I am fairly sure that Dyes are intended to be craftable mostly, possibly with some options in the store? But definitely craftable primarily. The more we can put into the economy the better.
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