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What Action Combat can mean in an MMORPG?

What does action combat mean to you?

To me it means being deeper than tab target, not just allowing you to swing at air.

Yes, attacks with a weapon should not root you in place, but neither should it just allow you to move freely as if you were just moving, like in tab target games like world of warcraft (movement is independent of melee attacks and doesn't get slowed or hindered in any way no matter which abilities you use, you can even pass through the enemy if you wanna stay on top of them)

What i mean is, even a regular attack with a weapon in an action combat should turn into a mind game and expression of player skill: you can swing, you can swing while stepping sideways, swing while stepping back, or delaying or cancelling your swing to dodge an enemy's attack then proceeding with the attack.

I know this being an MMORPG is a big issue for that type of combat, because of latency, but what would you want from Ashes of Creation combat, and how truly Action combat would you want it to be?


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    If only there were several other threads specifically about this exact topic already posted....
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    As extra examples of what i'm thinking of, imagine you have two basic attacks:
    a light attack, can be parried by a basic parry button (which means it's not on any ability, and can be used freely between attacks, and allows for a quick attack of your own if you successfully parry)
    a heavy attack, that staggers you if you parry it
    an ability that blocks any attack for a second, but has a cooldown
    and an ability that does a powerful line attack with force in a line forward.

    If you truly want an action combat experience, you would allow heavy and light attacks to be held for a second (to delay the attack to feign an opponent into blowing their parry or forcing them to dodge), you would also allow any attack to be done paired with a directional move (to reposition and possibly avoid enemy's attack while hitting him), and allow a light attack held for a moment to go into a heavy attack, and vice versa, if you hold heavy attack for a bit you can click light attack and do that instead.

    That way you introduce more than just 'unload abilities unto enemy according to their cooldowns', but also 'outwit your opponent, dodge his attacks, bait his movement then pin him down with that super powerful ability.
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    DaffyDux wrote: »
    If only there were several other threads specifically about this exact topic already posted....

    I know, i'm naughty that way. But what's your take on this?
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