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Roleplaying in an MMO, Tips for an Experienced Noob

My eyes are on Ashes of Creation eagerly watching and waiting to see what come of the passionate and ambitious project. I played WoW a little bit in the past as well as FF14 (Although I have a personal curse with final fantasy games that causes bad things to happen when I attempt FF games) I also played a fair bit of DC Online, a little bit of SWTOR and recently a LOT of lost ark. One thing that has me interested in Ashes is the potential of immersion into the world. My other huge past time has been D&D and TTRPG. I love the story telling, character development, and fun things that can be done while Roleplaying.

I have never played on a RP server or tried treating a MMO for RP but I have been thinking Ashes might be the game I give it a try with. This comes to the purpose of this post. I am looking for tips and suggestions when it comes to Roleplaying on an MMO server.
How do you treat things like combat, dungeons and raids in an RP sense. Do you stay in character with them or do you break character to accomplish mechanics?
Do you build a character's abilities to reflect the story and RP goal instead trying to build a character's abilities to be mechanically good?
Are there any good articles or guides when it comes to MMORPing out there that I can check out?


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    I never RP in a mmo either, but I would imagine you create a backstory of what your character will be on racial/class and you stay in character even in dungeon's/raids and trying to to complete a raid or dungeon you talk with your "fellow adventure's" about the ability you bring as well ask what ability do they bring. Even if you know your party ability's "OOC" (Out of character) it gives it a aesthetic of immersion for the party.

    Roleplay should be RP you give to other people rather then all about your self. I disagree personally on script "RP" More of a improv RP

    So Example

    Say you're on a boss fight your group/party gets wiped out

    You as a character would be like Ouch! That really hurt I definitely going to feel that one in the morning... We need to figure out how to avoid that big slam on the ground any idea?

    party member of the group would probably make a comment about like: Perhaps when the monster dose that we should hide behind the tank and so he can block it with his shield.

    Even if you know "OOC" (Out of Character) what to do and what went wrong you should always give your fellow adventure's a chance to answer the solution with popping up a question.

    My Personal Opinion's
    When making a character/class building that story you should be mindful of the other players. What I mean by that say I make a rogue with whatever race. I want his backstory to be a thief so while finding a party or a dungeon I wouldn't go into a dungeon and steal the armor loot, because there no really counter play I suppose which would be considered "win-only mentalities" (far my concern only resources drops if the player is killed not armor sets) "Counter play is necessary to successful roleplay.

    This is me, but if you wanted to go that route I would say something like in a 3rd party: Bob smith attempts to steal " name of item " with out anyone noticing.

    But if anyone in the party says I SAW that. I would respond

    I was just looking sheesh... ( and basically try to pull it off as a misunderstanding. I personally would only do it to petty items nothing serious)

    But if it were successful items that I stole and no one saw I would then try to scam someone in town for simple coin ( nothing to big or extremely difficult to get )

    then that person can either scam someone else for bigger coin or RP that if he ever see's my character again he's going kick my ass lmao.

    RP can be fun, but I would lead toward seriousness when going through progressive things liked dungeon/raid. You can still stay in character you just got to go around the bush then just say it and sometimes if no one knows just say what to do AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN WHILE REMAINING IN CHARACTER so you can progress through the dungeon/raid people have life's and I don't think someone would want to spends hours upon hours trying to get through a low tier dungeon especially when they have life stuff to deal with. That being said RP is Patience

    and finally the biggest thing you will learn is EVERYONE RP is different you find some people lead toward serious side of things really strict then you will find the casual RP'er. Everyone is different just got to find the guild / group that fits you.

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