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Not too easy

Hi guys, I'll start off saying there have been incredible progression so far! I have watched your lifestream about 20 times over by now, trying to pick at anything, I love it mostly.

My only worry is making the pve too easy like BDO where you can plow through the game with no worries. Being strategic with a pve fight until your high enough level to not worry about them is a great feeling and it keeps you engaged. I'm assuming Steven just had unlimited health so he just didn't have to worry about dying but the idea of taking on more than 1 AI at a time without struggling puts me off massively. This is a big one for me and my mates as a game without tough pve get boring extremely quick!!

The attacks did seem way too quick and only makes me worry more about how easy the pve will be!

The attach animated need to be dialled down or at least give us the option to reduce it ourselves so when there is a group of players attacking something your screen doesn't just looking like everyone spamming which in my personal opinion is a look we need to get away from, it's dated and has no immersion.

Please make it so each players feels like they have their own important role and not just a case of everyone racing to the next mob to get the kill and exp, that will kill the game.

Apart from that it's all looking great and I'm beyond excited for the alpha 2, the above opinion is only because I'm desperate for this game to succeed!!

So I'll stress it again!! Don't make the PVE TOO EASYYY


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    I think your feedback on the animations (i.e., they're too quick) is being echoed in the main combat feedback thread.

    Regarding the easiness of the fights, I assume Steven was using developer powers just to showcase the combat. There's a thread about that too. :smile:

    Fights will have to be difficult if they want to encourage grouping.
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    CawwCaww Member
    Given the "No Risk/No Reward" company motto I doubt there will be any free candy...
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    The showcase was only a showcase for the basic attacks and VFX! And yes he had god powers so he was unkillable. Also I imagine numbers have not been balanced yet for A2 that's likely the last tweaks. We all share your sentiment but for now save your current feedback towards the basic attacks and what was shown - and make sure you have commented on the main sticky if you haven't :)
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