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Socially Inept Individual Looking For Friends...

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Good day one and all, my name is Silv, it's a pleasure to meet you all.

First off I just want to give a shout out to DeathsProxy. If it wasn't for one of his videos popping up on my Youtube feed I never would have known about this game. So yea, cheers bruv.

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To be honest though, I haven't really been keeping track of MMORPG development for some time now, the genre just seems to have fallen into mediocrity, as if grindfest p2w titles are all that's capable of being made these days. Devoid of depth, substance, direction and originality. The only glimmer of hope I saw for the future was Chronicles of Elyria, but now Ashes of Creation has entered the frame things aren't looking quite so gloomy anymore for the future of the genre.

I look forward to seeing how this game comes together over the coming year or two.

- Silv

... And breath...

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  • Welcome!

    p.s. dont forget to join us in discord! lots of fun convo's with the dev team, sneak peaks, exclusives etc etc!!!
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    Have some tea after you took a breath from that exhausting outing.

    Welcome to the holy lands of enlightened sandals, glad you found your way to this new realm of possibilities.

    Enjoy your stay
    <selfpromoting? inc>
    started a bit of a hangout (with option of a nation) to play some other games while we wait for ashes to find and tie some new bonds, you are welcome to try it out with us, we are all strangers to each others, for now.
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    Welcome to the party :D As said above, don't forget to join our discord! Because Steven (the creative director) talks there sometimes ;)
  • Welcomes @Silv!!!

    All are with hype very high...

  • Hiya JaPeMo!
    Pretty sure I've seen you in Discord. I'll give a shout out the next time I see you on, hope you will do the same!
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