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Tanking 101

I'm a Tank, will always play the most defensive tank in an mmo. I've played everquest 2 since launch with a few years gap then came back on a time locked server in it's what I am used to. I played new world it was fun but some aspects bothered me. Regardless I don't want this to turn into a which is better. I want to know how will tanks be grabbing targets and seeing where agro is at. In eq2, I can see what mobs are on me by a red line on their hp bars. I can see yellow to white lines that I don't have agro on and can target that mob to make sure it's on another tank. Will we be able to set a main target/keep our focus on a selected mob and through the action combat hit what ever is in range of our weapons? Will we have a list of agro mobs that we can pick our targets from? I know some of this stuff may not be able to be answered yet but my questions are similar to what lot of tanks/raid leaders out there want to know. The way new world did it was a cluster mess, was fun but no organization, just keep the crosshairs on the mob you want spam and hope it dies.


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