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Ideas for UI and PvP / PvE interaction

Very good wishes to ashes of creation team, I am very happy as the game is going in a great direction and my suggestion to
make the UI as minimalist as possible and make a feature to hide all UI so to have the most immersion,
when the UI turned off you don't see any health, exp, notification, maps and all, its just like a movie where you are controlling your character,
you can also have the option of how much or what part of UI player want to see,
now when in off UI mode once the player is in battle he will only see his health bar when he is on the verge of dying,
if a player has reached the cap to use his ability you can shine or glow his weapon/armor/legs/hand depending on the ability,
you can just completely remove a monster health bar and only show when he is about to die, make a book stored in library or guild hall which shows the stats of the monster which are already discovered by the other players include name who discovered it, some advantages of doing this is,
1) player wants there name to be on the book so they will go for adventures
2) if a new monster appears player will get nervous and will fight every new foe with excitement
well this is for the UI,

some other idea I had in mind is

Have a player made dungeon
when player earns rewards then they would not want to have all of them in there pocket and waiting to die and loose all,, and want to store them in safe place
that can either be bank, there guild, or there dungeon
the bank charges taxes upon storing, the guild can betray, the dungeon can be attached and captured
that some choice for the player well isn't it
though creating a dungeon takes traps and monsters the player can only take those monster in his dungeon who he has already tame,
well taming a monster takes much more effort then to slay him but if can, then it be worth it,
advantages of player made dungeon
1) it make player who like to build things fun
2) every dungeon will be unique
3) thief player don't know what monster are waiting for them
4) thief have to get creative to find the prize and so more entertainment.
5) this can very well be player made content.
there are many more small advantages of this I just told some I can directly see,

also you can have some mobs(from mobs I don't mean monster but friendly creatures, humans and other races) to serve you or help you in your journey or guiding the dungeon and doing small tasks which the player hates
these mobs should look like real humans or other races, not some virtual Ai you can not even see, they need attention and food too,
can be trained by sparing, showing them how things work, you can also give them gear and clothing, and well how to get them maybe save them from somethin or buy them in the dark market (its wrong but life does have bad guys ), the more affectionate these mobs become the more you can trust and depend on them,

have a discovered till yet map
in this world the map is not pre defined and given players discover it
once some area is been discovered by a player or group, then that area is permanently store on there private maps, put not on the public map
(map which every player have)
these player can either go to the guild hall and share this discovered area and get reward to have this area on public map,
or just don't tell anyone what they have found,
when the new player will see that the world can still be discovered and there are places he don't know about, he wants to go for adventure (writing this makes me want to go to this world )

well these are some of the ideas I came up with you can gladly use them if you want, improvise them or not use them if you don't like,
in any case I am a big fan of your team and this game and will definitely be a player one day,
I will likely go with a name AryanAshura or AryanAce if I got them haha ; 0
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