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[NA East] Black Fire - Hardcore PvP/PvE Guild

HavockHavock Member
edited July 2022 in NA Guild Recruitment
Black Fire is a hardcore, East Coast-based guild seeking active members for all PvP and PvE content. If you're looking for a friendly group of players who you can progress through the game with, then look no further! Whether you want a group to level with, do dungeons and trials with, or world PvP and guild wars with, we have what you're looking for.

Originally founded in 2019 as an Elder Scrolls Online guild, we crowned several emperors and completed much of the hardest trial content, including vAS+2, vCR+1, vHoF HM, vMoL HM, vSS (including HM Lokkestiiz and Yolnahkhriin), vKA (including HM Yandir and Vrol).

We have a large Discord community with over 300 members and will be regularly hosting in-game guild events for our members once the game launches. Please join us on Discord at
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