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Add a Trading Card Game Like GWENT/Yu-Gi-Oh/Magic Level of quality

LarpKingLarpKing Member
edited July 2022 in Community Creations
What's up everyone I discovered this game yesterday and I'm so pumped. I made a youtube video with ideas on what the new world should add to the game and the ashes of creations game is basically everything I want in an MMORPG. I know they will have mini-games but I always loved the idea of how the witcher 3 made GWENT it was so popular it was made into its own game. Imagine having a game like that in ashes of creations and players can find and trade cards with each other to create a deck and everyone can duel(magic the gathering, pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh) like a game within the game. The trading system with other kingdoms can play a role in getting rare cards in other kingdoms. Imagine the kingdoms hosting pvp dueling tournaments and players can get rewards. I think it would be really cool to see something like this What does everyone think? here is my video you can skip to the mini-games section for a better explanation
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