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I made a thing! Inspired by an old video.

The year is 2011. There is this game called Guild Wars 2 nearing its completion and a glorious video detailing the Top 10 Reasons to be interested in the game was shared en masse. Many rewatched it multiple times just frothing out the mouth and waiting with bated breath.

The video was by Alexridiculous and I wonder if any remember it...
Now Im no where near the mad lad skills of well anyone but we all start somewhere. I made my own version,
Top 5 Reasons to have Eyes on Ashes of Creation.

If it happens to strike a chord in any way shape or form show it to someone that seems like a fence sitter. Get them interested cause I sure as hell am. With Dragonflight FFXIV doing so well, GW2's End of Dragons expansion and Ashes making leaps and bounds. Its not a bad time to be an MMO fan. Thanks for your time. =)
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