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Interface Language

edited July 14 in Support & FAQ
Hi, I've been following Ashes of Creation and I'm extremely excited to be able to play like many of you of course.
I want to know if the game will have an interface in languages other than English?
I'm Brazilian and it would be great to be able to understand the dialogues written in Portuguese to be able to make the right decisions. Let me know if anyone knows if we will have user interface in different languages.

Thanks guys!


  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    edited July 14
    At launch, there will be English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish and Spanish available.

    Other languages are currently not planned to be aviable at release, but they might get added later on based on interest.

    I'm closing this thread now, but please feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions!
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