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Bought the 250 dollar voyager bundle, missing some stuff.

KravellKravell Member
edited July 2022 in Support & FAQ
Hello everyone. I am new here. I purchased the $250.00 voyager bundle showing me getting the following: Voyager pre-order package, access to future Alpha 2 test phase, access to future Beta 1 test phase, access to future Beta 2 test phase, 6 months game time, $100.00 in store embers, flash hound whistle, flash hound pet, storm snapper rangefinder. After I completed my purchase, I went into the shop showing what went into my account. Some stuff is missing. It no longer shows Alpha 2, Beta 1, 6 months game time, or flash hound pet. Everything else is the same. so my question is: Will I still have mu stuff I purchased when game starts and will I be in Alpha 2? Thank you all ahead of time for answers :smile:


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