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Tulnar, Desert Biomes, Landform and more from Ashes of Creation

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
Intrepid Studios did their July 2022 update on Ashes of Creation and there was a lot in it. They included new previews of the Desert Biome, The Empyreans, Ren’kai and the Tulnar reveal. They also spent a lot of time talking about Landform, their new Unreal Engine 5 tool that allows the artists to create directly inside of the engine instead of having to constantly rework and then re-import from 3rd party programs. I highly recommend watching the entire segment with Steven and the artists where they are talking about Landform as it has more than just impacts on Ashes of Creation.

The big talking points for this live stream are:

What do you think of the Tulnar reveal?
Do you think the new Ren’kai direction is too cartoony?
What do you think about what they showed off of the desert biome and the scorpion raid boss?
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