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Table Chat's

So a bit of backstory I was playing TBC classic World of Warcraft a game I'm sure many of you are familiar with. I went to an inn to buy some food and drink and for some odd reason sat down at a table. I figured I'd throw this out since I've been interested in this game's progress for almost two years now and I have high hopes. So the idea is in simplest terms when you sit down at a table in a tavern you enter a form of private booth chat with people at the table through a voice chat. I know open-world voice chat has been iffy and as far as I know, isn't going to be a thing according to Intrepid Studios (as far as I know). But this is just a small thing that could be a really cool mechanic to just interact with players and you can get like a form of rested experience buff or of some other kind. Just want to throw it out, I think it'd be cool. Have fun yall!
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