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Hello AoC

Hello AoC team. I have been an Avid MMO player since I was about 11 years old. (I am 32 now) If there is an MMO you can think of, I have probably played it. That being said I am currently playing 0 MMOs. Over the years I have watched MMOs and gaming as a whole become a job / online casinos. I am hopeful you can change that.
I can't afford to purchase a key, I am poor, disabled, depressed. None of that is on you or anyone else here. It's just my situation, I hope this place will be a community that I can find a home in.
Take your time building the best game you can, just please please please... don't screw over the players like every other MMO has done. If you just make a fun game, you will find the support you need. Subscriptions will flow and you will have everything you need.

Patiently Waiting,


  • Hello and welcome :)
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    HI :)
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    Welcome! wish you all the best!
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    Welcome to the community!! Here some useful links! ( alot info here about the game )

    ( official twitch channel )
  • Welcome!! :)
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    Welcome to our little tavern. The beer is over there. There are occasional brawls, but hang out a bit and you’ll learn that most of us just want the game to be the best it can be.

    Oh, and @daveywavey juggles on Wednesday nights. Just watch out when there’s fire involved.
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