Cursed/Corrupted Price

Corruption is a mechanic no player will want to deal with, I want to see some red players every now and then, I don't really care how they get to the point of being a red player. Most people wont choose to be a red player, that's why I believe there should be more ways to obtain it other then Player Killing a non combative. I think there should be small events that have multiple outcomes, some activating off of player choice during said event, and some just spontaneously happening with no warning or trigger at all. Like lets say a player accidently sets free a world boss. I think the player should gain corruption until the world boss is slain, during that time, the world boss could be linked to the red player, and it would follow him around doing its own thing, but linked to stay at a certain distance from the player who summoned him. If the Boss is destroyed before the player is killed some great reward would pop up and the red player would lose the corruption gained from summoning the monster, >.< any further corruption other then what was gained from the ritual, will stay with the player.

O.o lol it doesn't have to be a world boss, but I think corruption should have a bigger part in the world then just being a PK or not, corruption is the driving force that moved us from this land, I want to see it play a big role in the environment at all times, the ever present looming thought that at any point corruption can spread.


  • I like your idea. I would like to see corruption also destroying the nature around us. It may give us some debuffs and things, but I would also like to see it effect the towns, NPC's ect. That would make the game give a bigger reason as to why we moved away :D
  • *nods* I completely agreed, the environment should tell the story slowly for us if we cant figure it out in time. The NPCs changing in twisted ways, first their minds go and they take inaccurate amounts of gold for items, then their speech is warped into a darker view, maybe even changing the types of rewards or actions we take during further missions. Forcing the players to either cleanse the city or continue its path towards further corruption.
  • hopefully corrupted/cursed will have its benefits as well if the player is going to be "flagged" for the whole server to see they need to have some counter to that. maybe increased damage against people who attack first?
  • Good thinking Zelhart, I like the idea of having a PvE based way of gaining corruption. Maybe certain missions or world events give the choice of acquiring additional rewards but at the expense of corruption.

    I would also be cool if there was certain parts of the game/map that could only be accessed by players with a high corruption level.
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