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Visibility of monster levels and HP

The visibility of the levels of monsters we encounter will make exploring the world a little more boring?

Hiding the levels would make many players have to take risks first and see if the fight is worth it and some encounters could be a surprise.

In my opinion, the visibility of levels as well as the number of life points will make players avoid certain locations and the whole unraveling of the game will proceed faster by more hardcore players. If I see a monster for the first time I should judge it by its appearance and not by its level or amount of health.

How do you feel about it? Do you like it when MMOs are so transparent about it?


  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Due to how nodes will work there's a high chance that a lvl5 person might come across a lvl50 mob and just get one-shotted, which would then set them back some amount of farming time because deaths have a consequence in Ashes.

    So as much as I like the mystery and excitement of trying on a new unknown enemy, I'd prefer if the game didn't waste my time for just going a bit further into the woods.

    And as for visuals presentation of mobs being able to tell you how dangerous the mob is, I feel like it could limit mob design. I'd like if a tiny flower-looking mob could be as dangerous as a hugeass red orc with a blade sharper than a blade of grass. But no one would see that flower as dangerous, which would lead to them dying and wasting their time.

    Now yes, there's the concept of "risk vs reward" in Ashes, but I'd rather have the mobs' AI and fighting mechanics be very difficult rather than just having a random generator of "will I die or not if I attack this mob instead of that one?" There's no risk when you don't know what you're even risking.
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 5
    With the way Ashes is designed, where you don't have different level zones, but instead have all kinds of high, mid and low level monsters surrounding a node, I think players need a level indicator. If not straight up a level number, at the very least show it by color code or some icon or both. I think it's too brutal for new players otherwise. Dying in Ashes bites. XP debt and potential loss of stuff.

    As for HP, sure they can do the same system they have for other players, where you don't see the exact health but only show a degrading nameplate. For me it doesn't matter much though. I am ok either way. I like not seeing the HP numbers for players, because that ties well into the corruption system. For monsters, eh, it's not super important I think.
  • PenguinPaladinPenguinPaladin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Yes but this could play into class diversity and social interaction. Making rangers able to see the stats of mobs when others cant, or even make each mobs stats hidden and only recognizable by certain races, or classes. And have taverns able to display local creature stats they know of or that sort of thing...

    Is interesting.

    But also, i want the game to come out, so if its not already on the table, its not that important.
  • CROW3CROW3 Member
    kwakx wrote: »
    The visibility of the levels of monsters we encounter will make exploring the world a little more boring?

    I agree, though I prefer almost no indicators. You might find this Dev Topic thread interesting:

  • CawwCaww Member
    nope... I wanna know if I'm slapping a lv1 or a lv50 and how much longer it's gonna take... (but.. that's just me)
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