Thinking about the desert biome, I came up with this idea of some sort of battle royale called the “artefact event”. So… daily, at a random location in the desert, a circle will appear on the map with a countdown in its center. As soon as the countdown ends the event begins. A dome surrounds the demarcated area and a giant sandstorm appears, making it hard to see more than a few meters.

Players inside the dome are immediately flagged for PVP. They can attack and kill all other participants, including his team mates. Players inside the dome, who do not want to participate, can leave just by interacting with the edge of the dome. Clearly, players outside the circle can’t get in and also can’t participate in the current event.

Participants need to go through 3 stages to complete the event: (1º) find the first piece of the artefact that spawns closer to the edge of the dome, (2º) find the second piece of the artefact that spawns closer to the center of the dome and (3º) leave the dome with “the artefact”. NOTE: there’s only one first piece and only one second piece in the event.

After finding and taking the first piece, it will appear as a quest item in the player's inventory. Taking the first piece makes the second one spawn immediately. All players are able to find the second piece, but only the player who carries the first piece can take it. The second piece also appears as a quest item in the player’s inventory. With both pieces in the same inventory, they will disappear and be combined into one: “the artifact”. When the second piece is taken and “the artifact” appears, all participants will hear a sound alert. Also, in the world map, a little shining point will mark the location where the second piece was found.

If a player carrying the first piece is killed, the piece in his inventory goes to the player who gets the kill on him. The same happens if he is carrying “the artifact”. The event ends when a player with “the artefact” leaves the biome, no matter the direction he chooses to so, or after 30 minutes.

All participants alive in the area will be rewarded with XP and gold.
The winner is rewarded with more XP and gold than the others.

There will be many ways to play this event. Some players will relentlessly search for the pieces, while others will wait in the edge of the circle looking to ambush anyone who gets nearby. The player carrying the artefact can play aggressively, fighting everyone in his path, or more sneakily by using the lack of vision to run and escape. In any case, this event looks fun to me, so I hope more people get interested and share more unique ideas to improve it.


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