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[NA] Eversio | PvX | Social | LBGT+ Friendly | Casual |

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Who We Are
Eversio is a small group of friends that has existed in some form or another for the better part of ten years. Our goal is to expand this group to include a larger variety of people to have fun with and enjoy the worlds around us! We are a very relaxed, LGBT+ friendly group just looking to have fun!

Eversio is not high strung, or looking to take anything too seriously. The goal should be to have fun, period!

-All aspects of the game - Whatever sounds fun!
-Professions [Gathering, Crafting, Processing]
-Combat [PvE, PvP, Dungeons, Raids, etc.]
-Exploration [Exploring new nodes, seeing what the game has to offer!]
-Helping [Being helpful to strangers, guild members, you name it!]
-Lore [Learning more about the world]


Nothing more! We are not hardcore or competitive (although we have nothing against this), and bouts of inactivity is not a problem. Playing games should not feel like another job, or a chore - Nor should being a part of a community. All we ask is that you are kind and respectful to those around you.

What We Play
Aside from playing Ashes of Creation once it's fully released, we're not interested in being stuck to just one game! While the game is in development (and most likely after it releases) we'll be playing other games, too!

-Ashes of Creation (Full Release)
-Guild Wars 2
-Final Fantasy XIV
-Lost Ark

-Sea of Thieves
-Basically anything else that sounds fun at the time!

We Are Still Developing
As mentioned before, Eversio is a group that has existed in one form or another for about ten years. Most of us have very little creative talent, and things are run generally more like a democracy. If you feel you could bring more structure to the table, or add something new, please feel free to come help out! We are open to suggestions and are still trying to figure out how best to pull everything together.

Join Us!
You can join our Discord Server and hop right into whatever interests you! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Discord Server:
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