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[NA] Founding Sons | PVX | Veterans & Working Adults | Comradery First | Active Discord

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Who We Are

We are comprised of primarily military veterans and working professionals whose real life obligations come first; however, as a guild, we still maintain lofty in-game goals and many of our players are committed to achieving more than most. We thrive on healthy comradery in our discord and have built a strong community of gamers - with players of all levels and time commitments - that have come to be known as the Founding Sons (& Daughters).

Where We Come From

We are a gaming community founded by a few friends with over 20+ years of MMO experience between them. "Founding Sons" is a play on the founding fathers and represents our mostly military origins but also our general patriotic attitude. As a guild, we have played many games together but specific MMOs include World of Warcraft and New World, where we have competed and completed endgame content rivaling the best guilds out there.

Where We Are Headed

In Ashes of Creation, we are looking to be active in Alpha 2 as well as both Betas recruiting along the way to bolster our ranks so that we will be able to hit the ground running at launch and make an early name for ourselves on whatever server we end up on. Our specific goals for the game will likely change as the development of the game continues and we get a better understanding of all the mechanics as they are completed; however, we are planning to be heavily involved in the node system and politics, dungeons and raiding, crafting and artisan systems, and PVP content.

Where You Fit In

We welcome anyone 18 years or older that wants to be a part of a thriving community where we aren't afraid to have fun and give each other a hard time but still maintain a healthy respect for all members. We have no expectations or requirements as far as skill level or time commitment, but many of us are no stranger to the grind either. If you want to feel strong comradery while pursuing ambitious goals, come check us out in our discord!

Founding Sons Discord:

- or -

Reach out directly to either ChurchCandy (ChurchCandy#2612) or CoopTroop (CoopTroop#5503) on discord to talk and get more information.

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